Saving This Nation From Doom

By Mazi Odera Igbo

Greetings Federal Government, especially the powers that control the Power that is holding the Nation.

Nigeria is a Tripod Nation (three legged Stool.. AWUSA, Yoroba, Igbo).
So my advise concern both Tripod and spurs that led to this Entity called Nigeria.

When a patient is in Comma, the Next step is to bring in Oxygen to offer respite, now I am bringing the desired Oxygen that will heal Nigeria if truly we want this Nation to survive.

The faith of Nigeria is hinged on precipice, if not well handled, it will led to expirience that is sadistic and unwanton.

Sirs, there is urgent need to re-evaluate the Lopsided, factional life style of the Nation both on the side of the Ultra Marginalized and the Marginals, the mindset that portend “That defeated Tribe” is not prevalent today because the situation that brought that ugly Era, the Era that forced the Young Generation then into fighting even with no Arms to bear, is still starring the Youths of today on the face and nudging them to same option but it can be redifined when there is circumspection.

It would’ve been buried if the ABURI ACCORD were implemented, which was African Finest on solution Table, where they solved African problems the African way, but the CHILDREN of the Queen who came as Colonial monsters think otherwise, they know that African that dwell in Peace will deny them the Wealth of Africans which they called Common wealth but in actual it should be Common Theft of the Brits.

The same urge that propped the Youths of thence to stand up and raise fist against same Injustice will push this very one into same, which is where we all must stand up to avoid for the result this time may bring a lethal ending to Nigeria as a Nation, the Youths today has no Tribe nor tongue, they have one purpose, to have a Nation that have meaning and accord meaning to lives.

No Youths faired better even that of the North, South or West, so it is not just agitation of the South East Youths , but agitation of Nigerian Youths in despair.

The setting that helped or worked against either side then can’t be same today, because the weapons then and procurement are not same, the Youths then are not same and Today things have gone Digital, which also will count for or against.

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Then the Youths on the other divide are non challant.

Sure, we are called the Vanquished, but believe it or not, the War simply changed from Armament to economic chaos, today it is economic War .

Ndigbo were out bombed but right after the Genocidal outrage, same Ndigbo are the bacon of Hope.

We restored the Factories which PA AWO took from Expatriates who he asked to leave with reason of the War, though there was no fear or concern for Lagos as not even one Banger were dropped in West, all homicides and terrors were rained in South East but driving away the Expatriates was a ploy to take away the Economy of the Nation and hand same over to South West which was perfectly done, but one can’t give what he don’t have, the ability to make money is mostly on Ndigbo, which was what provoked some people to say that Ndigbo Love money.

I agree we love money, AWUSA and Yoroba hates money, but they have never given thier salaries to an Igbo person or the loot they embezzle from Central purse to Igbo person, the simply reason is that, there are selected Elites or Clans who control the wealth of other regions and make thier own brothers to stay as slave, but always point to Ndigbo as the ones preventing them from being Rich, that way the people won’t ask, is onye Igbo the Governor or Commissioner or in charge of revenue of any state outside Alaigbo, so how come they are being fingered as culprits?.

Analyzing a possible breach again… In 1967 when the incursion were carried, Benue were used as corridor and especially Benue Foot soldiers, they massacred more Igbo at Otukpo than the Bombs felled on our schools by British Pilots piloting Nigerian Airways, but today they are regretting that involvement, not because they found Christ or found Love but because after using them they were swept to the outside bottom of the ladder, the Soldiers remain at bottom of no where, same with Police and Civil servants, so they are regretting truncating Aburi Accord that would’ve addressed the imbalance to reasonable state.

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Core North were also used and they were willing then to exterminate Ndigbo, but they too discovered that they are not treated better than Ndigbo as they were subjugated to lives as slaves and they truly want emancipation.

The YOROBAS stabbed Ndigbo on many occasions, but they too discovered that they are kept outside even after they have joined in the conspiracy to undo Ndigbo who are showing truly love and neighborhood, so they want out faster than Ndigbo.

Niger Deltans are more comfortable with Ndigbo because they know we are not coming to conqueror but coming as Investors that will turn thier place to Dubai with money we brought from selling SPARE PARTS, but alternative are conquerors who will lord over them.

Ibibios will only get worried how Ndigbo will buy up the lands which they will develope with speed of bullet, how Ndigbo will make thier place Hub of international business with lots of actual benefits to them as the land owners.

The IKA IGBO will not forget the annihilation carried out off thier Male at ASABA during the pogrom, plus they understand the only interest an Igbo has on them is How much are you selling, but invaders don’t buy they take and vend death when you tried negotiating.

So any aggression won’t be like it was in the days when all the aforementioned are in tandem, now they too will like to take on any aggression and pay them back with bloody Cudgels.

Calculate the rate of risk today and see that it will spell disaster to invaders as the rest of the Nation are no longer at ease with the Lording.

I can only advise, balance this Nation now or it will unbalance and explode.

The kids of today are not the ones that saw the Genocide and if conflict comes again, it will be War, have it on Record that those who stand with the first experiment wants out, Infact they may start fighting for individual emancipation as what they get after the first incursion wasn’t what they bargained for.

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Like it or not, the fight will come to you and not from you as rest of the tribes are suffering same faith and they are not happy and can’t be happy.

Just restructure this Nation and everybody will live and let live, but if you think that threat of maiming and War will cow the attitude of this New Generation, then you got it all wrong.

END SARS is tip to show how resolute this Generation can be, also they have more reach and harder heart than the previous generation.

Any attempt to organize another annihilation against anybody especially any of the Tripodial member cannot work again as things has fallen apart, the unity is broken into fragments, Love has never been tasted in this Nation, Justice was Found to be Utopian prejudice when it comes between any Tribe against the Fulani not necessary the North, with the above, the Center cannot hold further, unless an urgent restructuring are done, not from the Fulani Prism but from the angle of one who truly wants to salvage a deformed Building that got deformed by calculated imbalance, that’s when all Tripodal partners will be called to a Round Table and all should wash hand so that equity shall be enthroned.

Finally, can I say it again, beaten drums of War while judging with the premise of 1967 is over wrong, because those that fought in the said War are all retired and tired, while those Born in midst of the terror are 54 and since they have not seen fair play or justice, I can say they are no longer feeling the need to give peace a chance, plus the unity enjoyed then can no longer be seen now as the members of the INVASION Cartel are nolonger enjoying the honey moon, which will spell doom and bring capitulation of the Nation.
Mazi Odera POg JP

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