Salt Consumption: Nigerians get warning from a Dietitian


Clinical Dietitian, Mr Moses Okolie, on Tuesday, warned the public against the consumption of non-iodised salt to prevent goitre and other throat diseases prevalent in the country.

Adding Salt to Soup

Okolie, who works in the Chukwemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University Teaching Hospital (COOUTH), told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Awka that the consumption of non-iodised salt was dangerous to human health.

He said that non-iodised salt caused the blood pressure to rise rapidly in an attempt to move the toxic elements rapidly away from the heart.

“This is why doctors will often tell people with high blood pressure to stop intake of non-iodised salt. Moreover, excessive salt intake causes us to retain waters and other fluids.

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“Many chronic imbalances such as diabetes and obesity can be worsened or even partially caused by excessive intake of such salt.

“It can also cause thyroid and liver problems, as well as the development of Goiters, Hypertension, Heart disease, Edema, Stroke, Heart failure, and even major nervous system disorders such as anxiety and depression,’’ he said.

Okolie advised that people should use only iodised salt in small packages of between 250gm and 500gm and not non-iodised ones normally in big bags and meant for industrial purposes.

“You should also use salt that is packaged for domestic consumption and not those that are normally spread in open spaces and sold in various quantities.

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“Spreading salt in open space allows its refined iodine content to evaporate, making it lose its nutritional value,’’ he said.

Okolie, however, urged government health officials and other relevant agencies to intensify their efforts at sensitising and educating Nigerians on the dangers of consuming non-iodised salt.

He also called for proper measures to be taken against those that illegally deal on such substance.

“There has been lots of seminars and adverts to sensitise the public on the dangers of consuming such salt.

“But regrettably, some Nigerians still endanger their lives and that of their loved ones by patronising non-iodised. We need to constantly ring this issue until Nigerians get the message,’’ he said.

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