Reviving the Price of Petroleum in Nigeria by Mkpisi Ndi Egede.

written by Mazi Odera Igbo (POg)
September 12, 2020

Ife obuna asi na okwero omume (Must we say that every task is impossible?).

When my old man said “obodo telu aka nwelu Ndi odi NSO” (A Town that is referred to Far Far away has neighbors) he was making a sensible reprimand.

The Economy is taking free fall that will ran into free crash and implosion, but a stich in time saves Nine, things are falling apart and I will advise we hold the center with every Glue one can find.

The only redemption that can hold this Nation from going insolvent is, if the Government swiftly rectify certain things that help the masses to breath..

1)The Electricity Tarif which they Hiked to 300% simply means they have lost it, they don’t have idea how to run it, so the privatization done on it was a mistake that should be reversed.
I am talking about the Contractors who owns the companies now.. They are yet to tell us why they need the increase as there is no seen input since they took over.

A) what actually did the Privatalisation brought to our Electricity?.. None generate power, none brought any innovation, they did not bring even Poles, Cables, Rewiring of twisted connections, not even Meters, then the one that would’ve solved the Tarrif problem which is Prepaid Meter, they refused to bring same, even when they are selling it at Scandalous prices and people are ready to accept it because the alternative which is Estimated Bill can only be seen in Nigeria, no other place on Earth will the Government sit on a Sofa and watch such inglorious rape of the masses and keep quiet.

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B) The Private owners of Light and Power, the only thing they brought to the Table is change of Name and New receipt, the situation is like one whose Car is having serious problem, it needs New Engine, Interior and exterior intervention, but instead of putting the defect into effective restoration , they simply change the plate Number and declared it rebranded, like they did to Enugwu Airport, but I digress.

Federal Government should simply take back the Light and Powers from the current Shylocks that are screwing the Nation without any Lubricant, then look for those who are legend in providing Lights and Power, both Locally and or Expatriate to come and have it free or any charge, they should make it LIKE GSM, if you don’t like the supply of any company you simply change the Sim..

Must be given to only to those who has been in the business of generating energy or actual distribution of Energy, that way, the situation can be salvaged.

Moving on, the situation in Nigeria even as it is, can’t be called insolvent because we have those whose brains can lift us out of the present precarious precipice unto a better Horizon, but first we have to identify the sorry situations, even as beneficiaries, we must say..

Let’s have an agreement and rescue this Nation before it gets to Comatosic Insolvent, and when such happens even the Trillions you stole, snatched or buried will simply serve as a Toilet Tissue..

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The Ministers are wrongly chosen, a Nation that wants to survive must get the Captains right, the person manning our Aviation must be an Aviator, that way the person can face the Decadence squarely and manage it effectively.

Minister of Works must be an Engineer with Pedigree, who can look at the deployable conditions of our Roads, know the history of the Soil, then in consultation with his peers who are knowledgeable in same field, they can start a genuine restoration.

Petroleum is a gigantic industry and the President is no longer capable of being left with such a worrisome task, he can be left to rest which we all know, at his age, what he need is his rest, he has served this nation with his energy at his Youth, why should we intensify his work load at his retirement, all in the name of Politics?.

The Chairman of NNPC shall be one who is highly rated in OIL and GAS, not importation only, but Drilling and other things involve, that way the person can rescue our Refinaries and make provisions for the Products to be locally refined and prices crashed, meaning the importation of Fuel with or without subsidy must be a thing of the Past.

We all have seen that all the Political, tribal, religious phased positions in our ministry are the problems we faced, all of them are just empty, there is no way one can bring a Lawyer and place him as Chairman of Engineering Firm and expect him to make a success because even the workers he brought will sabotage him as a Novice.

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You can’t say because your Brother is a Medical Doctor, he is learned and for that you ask him to be your Pilot after all the Manual is in ENGRISH,that plane will embark of journey of no return.

Nigeria we know is just standing because God is still carrying her on his Palm and he is angry that we refused to use our heads, one day which may be some hours (Ecclesiastical hour) he may drop us and the drop will create quakes, then after the quaking effect, we may fall to pieces, to avoid that we need to wake up and stand round this Nation and build it up.

If RWANDA can bounce back from a total Ruin, and they did such with less than 0:0001 % of Nigerian resources, I see no reason Nigeria can’t Ace the restoration.

Good Morning Nigerians, we should know that as long as are all entrapped in this unholy amalgamation, we should swim and sink, and the only redemption we will get is when see Nigeria like an accident scene, where nobody start asking for tribes before joining the rescue.

We rescue, stabilize, then ask for identity later, asking for it is just formality, so the families can be brought to Notice.

I am Mazi Odera POg JP, Last Born Mpa Nnukwu and I come with heart filled with concern on the fate of Nigerians, not the Nationhood but the Human make up.

What are your thoughts?

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