Renovation of a Burnt House of a Widow in Otolo-Nnewi By Hon. Smart Okafor


In the last one year, I have focused on projects that have a ripple effect on the masses especially the downtrodden. Some of the projects I have carried out are mostly based on the recommendations of my constituents. I want to commend every member of our constituency for looking out for one another, you make it easy to identify these projects.

On the morning of Thursday 9th July, 2020, I got a distress call from one of my constituents, who informed me that a house belonging to one of my constituents in Umuzu Mbana Otolo Nnewi, Mrs Eberechukwu Igwilo, was gutted by fire.

Although close neighbours helped in putting-out the fire which was caused by power surge, a major part of the building was affected, especially the sitting room and bedroom room which resulted to the loss of most of her properties.

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During my visit to the scene of the incident, I learnt that the poor victim who has five (5) kids, lost her husband, Late Mr. Jude Igwilo, in 2011. I was further moved to pity when I saw that a major part of the house was already getting dilapidated, while the roof was filled with holes, planks were used as the ceiling. The pit toilet and bathroom was in a sorry state, the kitchen was not also different from others. Obviously, Mrs Eberechukwu Igwilo who has been surviving through the help of neighbours, needed more help.

Despite the deficiency of funds, and the difficulty caused by the pandemic, I took on this project. This is in line with my commitment to my constituents.

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By the Grace of God, I embarked on the total renovation of the house in the month of August. While greater part of the house was re-roofed, I installed new windows and doors, rewired the entire compound, tiled the house, re-roofed the kitchen, built a modern toilet and bath, painted the entire house, the kitchen, the toilet and bath. Every item befitting of a comfortable home was purchased including, set of cushion chairs and a centre table, curtains, flat-screen LED TV and GOtv with a year subscription.

During the handover, today, in the knowledge that Mrs Igwilo have virtually no means of livelihood as she can not sustain her family wellbeing with her present business of roasting corn, I empowered her financially to enable her start-up a business that will take care of her family, especially the education and feeding of her kids. I believe that she will put the money into judicious use.

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I return all the Glory to Almighty God, who has continued to give me the enabling grace to discharge my responsibilities as a representative of my people, though daunting, yet a fulfilling task.

To my constituents, I promise to continue to use every available resources in the service and development of our constituency, Nnewi North. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

God bless you all.

Hon. Nonso Smart Okafor,
Member Representing,
Nnewi North Constituency,
Anambra State House of Assembly.

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