Reno Omokiri Gives Reason Why Naira Is Shedding Value Like Ice-Cream.

Former Personal Aide to Ex President Goodluck Jonathan Mr. Reno Omokiri has reacted to the news that Shoprite which is the largest chain of retail stores in Nigeria is leaving the country.

According to the statement he made on his verified Twitter handle, Mr. Omokiri said that the major reason the Nigerian naira is shedding value like ice cream in the Sahara Desert is because of too many foreign companies like Shoprite, MTN, and DSTV.

The Social Media Influencer said that these companies make money in Nigeria, and repatriate it to South Africa. He went further to state that such has put downward pressure on naira. He suggested that Nigerians should buy made in Nigeria. Some Nigerians have expressed different views on the news that Shoprite is exiting Nigeria.

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Reno-Omokiri Gives Reason Why Naira Is Shedding Value Like Ice-Cream.

While some say that it is a good omen for the country, others say that it will lead to the loss of jobs in the country. Although there are good retail stores in Nigeria that can replace Shoprite and same time boost the Nigerian economy, but if they can deliver the superb services offered by Shoprite is what many still doubt. Shoprite is one of the multinational companies owned by South Africa Investors. It has done business in Nigeria for a few years now.

What are your thoughts?

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