Primate Ayodele gives a solution on how Nigeria can conquer insecurity


By Collins Nkwocha

Insecurity in Nigeria has fascinated global attention as the Nigerian nation doesn’t seem to have a solution to the ravaging menace; pupils, students,travellers are being adducted on daily basis, many lives have been lost through this.

Primate Elijah Ayodele has provided divine solution to end this evil in the country.He has advised the military and the security operatives fighting insecurity in Nigeria to seek divine solution and guidance.He said “Nigerian military should collaborate with Churches and prophet of God,to give them divine guidance,Spiritual leading and directions”.He went further “for example if the bandits or terrorist have laid ambush for the military,God will reveal it through his prophet and that plan Will be thwarted, giving the security operatives an edge over the enemies”.

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He maintained that they should come close to God and let the churches support them with prayer,with divine leading and directions, Nigeria will overcome insecurity.

What are your thoughts?

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