Oba Igweship:Cheers and Boo as More Okuzu Sons Join EzeOkpoko II race


.. Okuzu Akanato Elects Electoral Officer

By Uzo Ebele

As Oba community begins afresh the process of searching for who will occupy the revered throne of Oba as the EzeOkpoko II after the former selection/election process with its dismal show that lasted for years was jettisoned by the new town union administration led by Engr. Uzo Ejiofor with the claims that the process did not adhere to the constitution, more Okuzu Akanato sons have declared interest for the Igweship race amidst cheers and boo.

The Okuzu sons declared their interests to contest for the EzeOkpoko II during a crucial meeting which held recently at Okuzu hall where Mr. Chinonye Ononye emerged winner as the Okuzu Akanato Igweship selection/election Electoral Officer with 177 votes over Mr. Nonso Anigbogu who polled 14 votes.

In his address, President Okuzu Akanato, Hon Rev Uche Ukadike Ibeabuchi said that although a lot of people were very displeased that for over 4 years the former Oba community General Igweship selection/election process led by Dr. Emelummadu could not produce or declare an Igwe-Elect but for the interest of peace and unity of Oba town, the Okuzu Akanato people would follow the new directive provided it was according to the Oba Constitution.

Hon Ukadike Ibeabuchi pledged that under his watch as the President, Okuzu Improvement Union (OIU)duely elected for a second tenure he would ensure that the Okuzu Igweship selection/election committee which comprises of the Electoral Officer, OIU excos, all the Kindred Chairmen and Secretaries with three other members from each kindred, adhere strictly to the requirements of the Oba constitution.

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President Okuzu Improvement Union, Hon Rev Ukadike Ibeabuchi

“We are told that we are starting all over again the Igweship selection/election process which we are here today to comply with but they have not given us the report of the first committee before telling us that it has been cancelled. We are still waiting for that report and doing what they asked us to do.

“We must pursue peace. We must select a credible and loving candidate who the villagers want. A person who will protect our interest. All the contestants must know that it is not a do or die affair. Let love lead,” Ibeabuchi said.

The four sons of Okuzu Akanato who declared interest afresh to contest for Oba Igweship include Chief Samuel Odinammadu(Ikeora Oba), Nze Ikechukwu Abafor, Sir Samuel Okwuora Mmaduakonam and Engr. Chiedu Augustine Emelobe(Onwa Oba).

The ovation was high when the trio of Chief Samuel Odinammadu, Nze Ikechukwu Abafor and Sir Okwuora Mmaduakonam came out to briefly address the OIU general assembly concerning their Igweship aspirations and manisfesto early enough.

However, the introduction of Engr Chiedu Emelobe who arrived later at the venue for the crucial meeting to make his own speech met stiff resistance from majority of the youths who were shouting at Engr Emelobe, booing and protesting that they do not want to hear anything he has to say, accusing him of high handedness, brutality and intimidation with security agencies.

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“Who is this one! We don’t want to hear you! Have you come again to arrest and incarcerate us! Igwe police and DSS! You have come again with your police and DSS. You collected our motorcycles and now you want to address us. We shall not allow you represent Okuzu as Igweship candidate. Go and make peace with your kinsmen first, address them before coming here at the general house to address OIU,” they chanted.

Okuzu Village Igweship Electoral Officer, Mr Chinonye Ononye

The four aspirants eventually pleaded for the support of Okuzu people. As Chief Odinammadu and Chief Emelobe in their separate speeches said that that they would use their connections to attract infrastructural development and youth employment and empowerment which includes floating skill acquisition programs Nze Abafor stressed on the need to select a practicing traditionalist as the EzeOkpoko II.

Earlier in his remarks, Chief Ben Chibueze(Igbaluogige Oba) thanked the OIU executives for their promptness and doggedness to ensure that Okuzu villages and people were not denied any right, privilege or opportunity praying that Okuzu people must remain United in truth until they get what they desire.

According to the Oba Youth President, Hon Ebuka Chibueze, “Since the first Oba Igwe Election/Selection process could not work, the second process is likely to fail until Oba people decides to stand and uphold the truth without any form of guile or sentiments. All I know is that the Oba youths will not be used as thugs or agents of violence or disunity. Oba people should allow Okuzu village to make their own choice of who will be their candidate for Igweship selection/election without interference.

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Reacting to; the hellacious hullabaloo that ensued when Engr. Chiedu Emelobe was introduced to address OIU general meeting, Mr Okwudili Ejiofor said that it was good to be good to people especially one’s relatives irrespective of one’s status, wealth or qualifications so that you can benefit from them when the need arises.

“Charity begins at home. Money is not everything. It is people that makes king and that begins from your own brethren. It is good to use your wealth and connection to unite your people because one day you will need them to stand by you and for you. EzeOkpoko 1 experienced many crises but he maneuvered because his relatives stood by him. Today, four persons declared interest and it is Okuzu people’s wish that one of them becomes EzeOkpoko II, especially Ikeora Oba who is already widely accepted,” Ejiofor said.

Contributing, The Deputy Chairman Idemili South LGA, Hon Ebuka Smart said that the noise was instigated by some aggrieved persons who have personal dislike for the candidate and not a general representation of the entire Okuzu people. “Onwa has followers just like other candidates who believes in him as a candidate for EzeOkpoko II both from Okuzu and among other villages in Oba”

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