Press Statement: Govt must consider May 30 as National day for Healing, Consolation – Igbo Youths 


1. We are concerned about the Security Situations in Nigeria, especially as it concerns SouthEast, ranging from the attacks on the Security Agencies, unjust killing of innocent citizens, and destruction of public property.

In strong terms, we Condemn all these acts of violence, and sue for Peace and Peaceful Co-existance.
we, therefore, urge all aggressive parties to sheet their swords and give chance to dialogue.

2. We cannot continue to turn deaf ears to the voices of the oppressed, neither do we hope to remain mute in the face of Injustice.
on this note, we reaffirm our resolve and commitment to Peace, Stability and Development in South East, Igbo Land and Africa in general.

3. Today 30th May, 2021, marks two great dates,
a) a day that millions were slaughtered for their fundamental rights to freedom.
We Remember, We mourn and never to forget.
we urge all Biafrans to observe this day with deep sense of Ozoemezina- Never Again.
b) a deadline to the ultimatum issued by BNG, concerning the matter involving persons unjustly kept in detention for About twelve (12) without Justice.
indeed we cannot continue to shy away from these facts, neither shall we continue to keep mute while things fall apart.
it is now time to take responsibility, irrespective of ethnic Sentiments, in order to address these issues bedeviling us as a People and a Nation.
Like the Igbo Leader advised, Governments must learn a lesson from History by not fighting an unwinnable war against Nationalism, but possibly seek healthy options that assure National Unity and Peaceful co-existance.
Governments must also visibly and clearly embrace the values of Justice and Fairness in  true sense for Peace, Unity and Development.

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on these notes, we therefore recommend as follows:
i) that the Governments should as a matter of Fairness and Nationalism, recognize May 30th as a National day for  Healing and Consolation in honour of the Millions of People that died for their fundamental rights to freedom.

ii) Justice delayed is not denied. We urge the appropriate quarters to, as a matter of urgency, grant attention and consider the gross injustice meted against citizens who have been detained in Onitsha and Awka Correctional Centres for twelve (12) solid years without Justice.

4. This is, indeed, a great challenging moment for us in Nigeria, especially in SouthEast, but by God’s Grace we shall overcome and prevail.

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5. As we mourn and honour the millions of people who died so that we may live, we admonish us to do it peacefully without any form of provocation to the Security Agencies.
on the other hand, we emphatically urge the security agencies to desist from any form of high-handedness and/or intimation on any Citizen. this is to ensure Security of Lives and Property during this trying times.

6. We commend and totally support the Human Rights Activists and Lawyers, who have shown concern and commitment on the gross human rights abuse and Injustice meted against the 18 Detainees, and have also Volunteered to take over this matter as soon as the Judiciary resume from industrial action.
We therefore ask the aggrieved to sheet their swords and grant us benefit of doubt.

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7. We respectfully challenge the Federal Government and the Governors, especially the South East Governors to liaise with relevant Stakeholders, more importantly, the aggrieved and  the Youths, in order to address and arrest the unrest in the Country and regions respectively. We pray that God in His infinite Mercies shall guide all of us through this trying times, and we also hope that there shall be no casualties.

We Move, Together Together..

Thank You.

Mazi Chukwuma Okpalaezeukwu
Leader, SouthEast Youth Stakeholders Forum. 

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