Mrs. Martha Chioma Ibezim’s birthday address to all


Mrs. Ibezim is the wife of the Anglican Archbishop, Province of the Niger and Bishop of Awka Diocese, Most Reverend Alexander Chibuzor Ibezim, PhD. She is fondly called Mama Awka.


We as mothers in the Christendom are pained that the Coronavirus pandemic created tension in families and women always bear the brunt particularly housewives.

We are asking our privileged women in Awka diocese and the province on the Niger to empower a minimum of two women in their communities. Women are the worst hit because they are not thinking about themselves alone but of their families as well as their husbands and their children.

ArchBishop Ibezim and Wife

I pray God to help us as a diocese and Province to mobilize resources to empower at least 50 persons. Our target is to empower 500 women in Awka diocese. We shall empower substantial number of the women as my birthday package by the grace of God. We shall embark on same mission for the Province of the Niger.

We shall empower them with small capitals to be entrepreneurs in frying bean cake, yam and potatoes, frozen foods , and some other things they may wish to or we may just decide to empower them with food apostolate or whatever good decision we agree on.

You may not know what women in areas with COVID-19 pandemic are passing through sequel to the pressure on health facilities because the pandemic has disrupted health services particularly access to sexual and reproductive health. This has added to the existing financial inequality between men and women across the globe.
Charge to mothers on Easter in a period like this

Let me warn women to reject to be housewives no matter how rich your spouses are because there may be sudden role reversals in life which makes life worst for unprepared women.

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I encourage women to shun arrogance and usage of intemperate language when speaking to their husbands and others but to be friendly and prayerful always.
I wonder why some women cannot control their anger when dealing with a man they claim they loved before marriage. Your love for your husband and family should never be toyed with no matter the circumstance.

Mothers should show restraint always even at the highest provocation and shun laying curse on people. Women and men alike should not allow poor sexual relationship to scatter their marriage. No one should give excuses when sex is involved. Mothers should know that sex is therapeutic and enhances bonding between married couple. I encourage family planning by families to avoid procreating more than we can handle.

I encourage women who are already economically liberated to look out for those challenged and assist them come out of hunger and deprivation zone rather than resort to cajoling them or showing off. They should equally network with them and gradually they would be liberated economically too to contribute meaningfully to their family and society.
I encourage women and mothers to learn to show compassion and apologize anytime any contentious issues comes up in the family in order to teach their children.

Women should not walk naked in the name of fashion. They should he mindful of their environment and occasion they are attending to avoid disgracing themselves and womanhood. It’s ridiculous for a woman to be walking on the road and her undies are for public view. There are dress etiquette and even business etiquette for us to learn and when an innocent mistake is made ,it would be understandable.

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I task mothers to be architects of peace in their families and neighbourhood. Mothers should stop treating their husbands like dirt. They should love their husbands , show them respect and you see a wonderful man he is.

Mrs. Martha Chioma Ibezim

Charge to men

I encourage men to exercise restraint in raising their hands against their wives and any woman for it’s an act of cowardice to beat a woman. Husbands should truly love their wives and correct them with love and respect always.
Parents should be aware of where their children are always because those within school age often ignorantly run into danger because of their relationship with some youths or corps members because some of their relationship with students are suspicious, and therefore , Parents should monitor their moves and halt any infraction on time.

Corps members too should understand why they were posted to the schools and remain disciplined, committed and dedicated. They should not yield to acts capable of destroying the future of our youths, but to help salvage them by shunning all corps member / students relationship that is untidy and unhealthy for the student entrusted under their care. Parents should not allow anyone ,corps members or teachers to derail our children irredeemably.

Child abuse

I frown at child labour, child abuse, and child begging. Child begging should be criminalized and children must be protected.

In the South, we suffer trafficking of girl children for sex or labour depending on the motive. I appeal to all those who specialize in trafficking girl children for prostitution to desist from the inhuman act and avoid the wrath of God.

I also appeal to those who enjoy wife battering to desist. I wonder why some men beat their wives. Let me appeal to men to stop beating their wives but tolerate them and explain their grievances.

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Mrs. Martha Chioma Ibezim

Obiano’s wife

Let me thank specially Chief Dr Ebelechukwu Obiano, wife of the Anambra state Governor for her contributions to the growth of girl-child education in Anambra. She sponsored the training and empowerment of over 4,350 indigent widows, , girls , women and youths in self-reliant small-scale business ventures in some vocational institutions in the state of which our Vocational Institute at Mary Sumner Vocational Institute, Awka and Amanwanyi Mbaukwu. I am calling for more partnership with the state in so many areas aside the education. Let me equally appreciate her for building over 30 houses for the some poor rural women which almost all the local government areas have benefitted from her NGO; Caring Family Enhancement Initiative (CAFÉ). Osodieme has equally built modern toilet facilities to promote hygiene in rural markets across Anambra. Let me thank her husband, Chief Dr Willie Obiano for supporting her in her philanthropy.
I am appealing to well meaning Nigerians and organizations to partner with our vocational institute by providing them equipment for learning. I appeal to our girls and their parents to ensure no girl is left behind with this mandate of acquiring a skill. Their hands must be engaged to avoid being idle.

Archbishop Ibezim

Let me specifically thank my husband and the Archbishop of Province on the Niger and Bishop of Awka for his love for girl child education which manifested in establishing the Queen Covent and Amanwanyi Mbaukwu among others. He has been very supportive and we appreciate him for that.

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