Potential Reality Vs Material Reality

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Everything on earth is highly relatable to one another.

I came across an egg, it was really small. I could literally smash it with my legs and that’s the end but I took a close look at it and figured that it was a butterfly Egg.

I took the EGG and nurtured it till it transited to LARVA and then to PUPA stage and then to finally one day, it broke out and became a beautiful butterfly. Immediately I drew close to it, it flew around so beautifully. I stared at its beautifully coloured wings and the majesty with which it flew.

I kept smiling at it till I saw it no more. Instantly, it dawned on me that everyone is like that butterfly.

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At the initial stage of our finding Purpose and Meaning to live, we are EGGS. When we keep at it and keep building, Forming relevant parts of us for growth and maturity, We transient to LARVA. The moment we catch a glimpse of who we truly are and the potential we possess and then we put in more work by building capacity, we become a PUPA butterfly. Not too long after, We break out through opportunities that come our way and we fly like planes.

Everything is part of the process of LIFE { The reality of your existence.}


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At this stage, you live out the true essence of your existence and you make a remarkable impact in your generation.

Like I said, it’s all a process! Go through that process and avoid destiny terminators (like I would have been if I had smashed that butterfly egg).


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