PDP faces sabotage in Nnewi North by members



The attention of the Nnewi North PDP LGA leadership has been drawn to plans by some miscreants and misguided elements,being sponsored by external forces,to detract the good conduct of the party in Nnewi North LGA.

Since the death of the LGA Chairman,Chief Joseph Oko Echendu,on Tuesday,27th May 2020,these elements have used the opportunity to attempt to derail the affairs of the LGA.

For the avoidance of doubt,the Constitution of the party has established provisions for handling matters affecting death and replacement of elected officers.

Whilst the LGA working committee has appointed the Deputy Chairman as the LGA acting Chairman,the final choice of replacement resides constitutionally on the full LGA Executive Committee when convened.

For more emphesis,members of the LGA Executive Committee as provided by Section 16 (1) of the PDP constitution are as follows :

(a) The Chairman
(b) The Deputy.
(c) All ward
(d)Serving and
former elected local government council chairmen and deputy chairmen,who are members of the party.
(e) The treasurer.
(f) The secretary.
(g) The Assistant Secretary.
(h) The Financial Secretary.
(i) The publicity Secretary.
(j) The assistant publicity Secretary.
(k) The Organizing Secretary.
(l) The Auditor.
(m) The Legal Adviser,who shall be a legal practitioner.
(n) Five other ex-officio members,at least two of whom shall be a woman.
(o) The woman leader.
(p) The Youth leader.
(q) Serving and former members of the NationalZonal and State Executive Committee from the Local Government Area who are still members of the party.
(r) Serving and former members of Board of Trustees from the Local Government Area who are still members of the party.
(s) Serving and former members of the National and State Assemblies from the Local Government Area who are still members of the party.
(t) Serving and former President or Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria;serving and former governors and deputy governors of the State from the Local Government Area who are still members of the party.
(u) Former Local Government Area party Chairmen and Secretaries who are still members of the party.
(v) The Gubernatorial candidate of the party and his deputy in the State if from the Local Government Area untill the next Congress.

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It is instructive to state that from the constitutional provision,none of the characters and miscreants ,earlier referred to qualify to attend the meetings of any organs of the LGA such LGA Working Committee,LGA Executive Committee and /or LGA Caucus.

Only one former notorious thug of a party chieftain from Aguata LGA may so qualify on account of having smuggled his name as a junior member of the Zonal Executive Committee about 15 years ago. Even at this,his membership then is still bedeviled with controversies and therefore remains questionable.

You may wish to know that some of these characters have been beneficiaries of the party’s benevolence and largess in the past whereas others have been notoriously involved I embezzling party funds during elections,especially the Senatorial and House of Assembly election in 2020.

The Secretary of the party has been directed to search out and bring the various pending petitions of embezzlements written against them especially on their conducts during 2015 and 2019 elections,at the next meeting for necessary actions.

We are still,embarrassed that one of these persons who enjoyed the position of a federal board appointment without any benefit whatsoever to any other member of the party will turn around to deceive others.

One of them had been blacklisted by the party at the National level for disgraceful acts of drunkenness when he had the privilege of being nominated in the past to serve as Secretary of Governorship primaries electoral committee in a class “A” State.

For the avoidance of doubt,the Nnewi North LGA PDP Exco,as presently constituted,is mindful of the provisions of Section 58 (1) of the PDP Constitution,which states as follows:

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Subject to the provisions of this Constitution,the Party shall have power to discipline any member who;

(a) Commits any breach of the Party’s Constitution and/ or Manifesto;
(b) Says or does anything likely to bring the Party into disrepute,hatred or contempt;
(c) Disobeys or neglects to carry out lawful directives of the party or any organ or officer of the Party.
(d) Engages in dishonest practices,defrauded the party,its members or officials;
(e) Is persistently absent from meetings or other official duties;
(f) Engages in anti-Party activities;
(g) Engages in disorderly conduct at meetings or rallies or at any Party function;
(h) Engages in any conduct likely to cause disaffection among members of the Party or is likely to disrupt the peaceful,lawful and efficient conduct of the business of the party:
(i) Engages in nuauthorised publicity of disputes within the Party or creates a parallel Party organ at any level;
(j) Promotes factions or belongs to any group under the guise of the Party and by whatever name called,not being one provided for in this Constitution;
(k) Organizes,retain,trains,equips or encourages the organisation,retaintion,training,equipping of any member or group of members for the purpose of employing violence or coercion or any form of intimidation whatsoever;
(l) Resort to court action or litigation on any disputes or on matters whatsoever concerning rights,obligations and duties of any member of the party without first availing himself of the remedies provided by the party under this Constitution; or
(m) Fails,refuses or neglects to treat a petition, complaint or appeal timeously.

The Nnewi North LGA PDP Exco therefore will no longer tolerate the infantile acts of these individuals and,in that regard,we have taken the following measures:

  1. Written to the State PDP Chairman.
  2. Written a letter of notification to the National Chairman and the members of the National Working Committee (NWC).
  3. Written to South East Zonal Chairman and his members.
  4. A letter of complaint to the Commissioner of Police, Anambra
  5. Letter of complaint to the Director of DSS,Anambra.
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We appreciate the support,commitment and loyalty of our elders and leaders in the Local Government Area including;

a. The member BOT from out LGA

b. One of the foremost PDP State Chairman who is also from our LGA.

c. The performing National Assembly member from our LGA (aka.Mr project) and who is one of the foremost gubernatorial aspirants for the 2021 election.

d. A highly successful senior advocate of Nigeria,who is the Lead External Solicitor of the party at the national level and is also one of the foremost gubernatorial aspirants for 2021.

e. The immediate past Deputy Governorship candidate of the party and who together with her very popular husband have been serving the State in various committees and in various assignments.

f. A leading business mogul and one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria today but who for sensitive business interest will remain unnamed for now.

g. Many other highly successful businessmen and professionals who have remained dedicated to the cause of the PDP.

These are the major stakeholders of the party and we have not had a single complaint from them except for this bunch of travellers,who are attempting to set up factory with the 2021 gubernatorial elections.

Finally,we warn that the elected leadership of the party in this local government will not tolerate any further attempt by these individuals to commence trading with party affairs.

Long live PDP Nnewi Noth
Long live PDP Anambra State
Long live PDP Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Mr Ernest Ajero
(Acting Chairman)

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