Part Of Viral Info On EEDC Planned STS Prepaid Meter Upgrade, TID Rollover, Misleading – Corporate Communications


By Julie Sylvia, Onitsha

The attention of Enugu Electricity Distribution Company PLC (EEDC) has been drawn to an information/message which has gone viral on the social media, with part of its content misinforming and misleading our esteemed customers on the planned STS prepaid meter upgrade and the TID Rollover, compelling them to “recharge sufficiently before the 20th of February, to avoid being edged out of supply”.

This was contained in a press release which was signed by the Head, Cooperation Communication, EEDC, Mr Emeka Ezeh.

“EEDC wishes to state that this trending information did not emanate from any of the authorized communication platforms of the company and its content is misleading and factually incorrect.

“Customers are therefore urged not to engage in panic purchase of energy tokens and to disregard this misleading directive, which is borne out of mischief and dubious intent.

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“It is advised that authentic information on EEDC operations and activities can be confirmed from its corporate website or any of its social media handles (Facebook, X, and Instagram) or physically from its Customer Service Desks.

“Consequently, for the purpose of clarity, EEDC plans to go live with the Token Identifier (TID) rollover by end of February 2024, and customers are expected to update their information as a prerequisite for the meter upgrade using this link:

“Additional information on this upgrade and TID rollover is always available at all EEDC Customer Service Desks and social media platforms.

“The upgrade is compulsory for all customers using STS compliant prepaid meters, as noncompliance will result in inability of the meter to vend.

“During the rollover which may last for 48 hours, the vending platform will be temporarily unavailable for token purchase. To forestall any supply disruption, customers are to ensure that they have enough energy units in their prepaid meters that will sustain them for the period of the rollover.

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“After the rollover, the very first energy purchase by customers will come with three sets of 20 digits token (KCT1, KCT2, and the energy token).

“The first token is “KCT1” (which resets the meter), the second token is “KCT2” (which upgrades the meter), while the third token is the energy token (which recharges the meter) for the specified vended amount.

“Customers are expected to punch in the first 20 digits which is the “KCT1” and press “enter”, and then punch in the second 20 digits which is the “KCT2” and press “enter”, and lastly, the third 20 digits which is the energy token, to complete the upgrade process.

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“Customers who might have purchased tokens that are yet to be loaded onto the meters are to ensure they load these tokens before upgrading their meters, as once the meter is upgraded, such tokens will no longer be accepted by the meter.

“EEDC reiterates that the upgrade is free of charge and appeals to customers not to allow themselves to be extorted by anyone or group.

“For enquiries and clarification, customers are advised to make use of EEDC contact points to avoid being misinformed. These channels include our 24/7 Call Center on: 084 700 100, SMS/WhatsApp: 0815 082 6060 or 0815 082 6061; or any of the social media platforms (Facebook and X: @enugudisco; Instagram: @enugu_disco) or send email to: [email protected]

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