Oppositions’ desperation to sack Soludo in 2025 guber election through blackmail, kidnapping, other crimes in vain – ASMATA SSG Director


Comrade Peter Okala, is the Anambra State Director, ASMATA Soludo Solution Group, SSG, he was a former guber candidate of National Conscience Party, NCP, and a human rights activist. In this exclusive interview with Julie Sylvia, he portrays the antics of the oppositions aimed at blackmailing Gov. Soludo, which include, kidnapping, armed robbery, and falsehood on gov’s good achievements, especially on infrastructural development of the state, among others. Read on:

My name is comrade Peter Okala, alias ‘Omumaegbungwu,’ I am from Uga in Aguata Local Govt. Area. I am the State Director, Soludo Solution Group, SSG, Anambra State Amalgamated Traders’ Association, ASMATA, I was the former gubernatorial candidate of National Conscience Part, NCP,, in the state.


Well, the issue is that I have to be brief on this because it is simple, the Soludo Solution Group, SSG is formed to create awareness of the many achievements of our able Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo because most people may not know that his achievements in just two years that have surpassed those of successive administrations who stayed for 16 years are scattered across the state. Some know of these achievements that are only within their locality or environment but do not know that all communities have benefitted in one way or the other.

The issue now is that the oppositions want to frustrate these achievements by using sponsored criminal activities to deceive the good people of the state that the governor has not done any meaningful thing in the state since he came on board and so I choose this topic to explain more on the antics of the opposition, “THE FRUSTRATION, DESPERATION AND SACRILEGIOUS ATTITUDE OF THE OPPOSITION ELEMENT WHOSE ONLY OPTION NOW IS SPONSORING KIDNAPPING OF NDI ANAMBRA TO GET AT THE STATE GOVERNMENT HOUSE, EVEN WHEN SOLUDO HAS NOT APPLIED FOR SECOND TENURE”


Security of Lives and Properties from the beginning of time has been the Primary Responsibilities of every Government, the Soludo administration has neither neglected nor Shied away from this all important aspect of a responsible government. From the beginning of this Present administration in March 17 2022, It inherited a bundle of insecurity as one of the bargadges of liability from the previous administration, a situation where eight out of the Twenty One Local Government Council Areas which represented about 40 per cent of the entire State were taken over by kidnappers and bandits unleashing their mayhem almost on daily basis, lives and properties were lost and public buildings set ablaze, the entire seat of government were threatened with fire and brimstone, citizens were running helter skelter in search of protection while Ndi Anambra became united in Condemnation of the dastardly acts.

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But today things are different, the government of Anambra State has taken the battle to the domain of criminals and recovered the entire State and its citizens from the shackles of kidnapping, banditry and armed robbery, restored peace and hope which brought back our traditional peaceful burial ceremonies of Loved ones and other family events like marriages, house warmings and naming ceremonies. The ugly situation of that time gladdened the heart of the opposition whose instrument of criticism were barely in short supply, they were counting the number of days the Soludo administration would have lasted before things would fall apart for them to have their way, but alas their negative prayers were never answered, their hands never performed their wicked enterprise as the Solution Government stood like the Rock of Gibraltar and swoop across the entire State, smashed all the criminal hideouts, recovered all the eight Local Government Councils and restored normal community life.

It’s no longer a hearsay that for the past two years, the opposition element in Anambra State went underground because of a lack of critical instruments of opposition, Solution took over our communities and villages and brought overwhelming infrastructural development to the extent that the major and viable opposition leaders didn’t have any other choice than to commend Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo CFR-led administration for performing above average in so short a time.


It’s a matter of record that the two years of Soludo’s administration has delivered viable and visible infrastructural developments more than the sixteen years of his predecessors, successive administrations were only maintaining laboratory, Radiographic machines in our General Hospitals but the Soludo administration has initiated the building and equipping of five new general Hospitals across the state, the sixteen years impasse between the workers of the water Cooperation of Anambra State and the government which resulted in the disappearance of pipe borne water in the entire Anambra State were settled and pipe borne water restored. The Internally Generated Revenue IGR which for the past sixteen years were only a gift of settlement to cronies with a pantry sum of at most Four Hundred Million Naira only (#400m) were generated for the state government which saw the Soludo administration in Partnership with the traders generating over Three Billion Naira only (#3bln) over the same period at the same rate.

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Since the civilian administration of 1999, no Government both from the federal, state or Local Government has given priority to the areas and Communities which did not turn up their votes during elections, only in Soludo administration would a community or Local Government which did not deliver their votes massively benefit from government largess. For example, Ogbaru Federal and State Constituencies voted different Political Parties against Soludo’s All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, but are top beneficiaries of Solution’s massive infrastructural developments.

The unwarranted funfair, jamboree and lavish spending in funerals and other ceremonies in Anambra State barred by the laws of Anambra State were brought to bear on the citizens and Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo CFR used the burial of his beloved late father as a yard stick to discourage lavish spending in funerals and other ceremonies which have plunged our families and homes in a terrible economic mess.

The nearly five hundred Kilometers of Solid Roads awarded by the Soludo administration and nearly three hundred Kilometers already commissioned have automatically changed the movement of Ndi Anambra with a multiplier effect on Socio-economic and security of lives and properties. The free ante natal cum Child delivery in all the state government hospitals and clinics including free education to pupils and students in Anambra State became a big shock to the opposition. In the time when Government of other States and even successive Governments were retrenching workers and reducing their work force, but the Soludo administration increased the work force with ten thousand workers with increament on their wages, families, kindreds communities and towns are bow producers of farm crops and agricultural seedlings with economic threes springing up in our farm lands, agricultural implements were distributed free of charge to the real farmers, courtesy of Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo CFR.

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Fighting of crimes and Criminalities in Anambra State took a different dimension as first batch of five thousand Youths have been empowered with skills, while another ten thousand is on the verge of receiving training , the age long concept of Umuboy scheme which was the secret mechanism used by the Igbos to develop their own to become masters of their own after few years of apprenticeship was restored by the Solution Government in order to return the glory of traders in Igbo land, Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo CFR is the champion of made in Anambra Products by making the use of local products ás the compulsory and official instrument for all Government functionaries in order to market our indigenous products to the outsiders.


The book of record may not contain the positive impacts on the environment and citizens of Anambra State by the Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo CFR administration in just two years and the opposition element have now invested heavily on the sponsorship of crimes and criminalities in Anambra State. To their wicked and unprogressive minds there is no other way to throw spanners at Soludo’s achievement than to sponsor kidnapping, banditry, armed robbery and all manners of crimes geared towards stopping Soludo,. They are already asking questions in the media space on who would enjoy all these numerous infrastructural developments when crimes and criminalities are in the increase,
It’s the thinking of the opposition that if Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo CFR applies to Ndi Anambra for a second term in office that both indigenes and non indigenes would grab Soludo with both hands and that’s the greatest fear of the opposition.

The ASMATA Soludo Support Group therefore wishes those desperate opposition elements who now soil their hands with the blood of Ndi Anambra to have a rethink and change their evil ways for good as the sacredness of the Land of Anambra is hereby invoked against the eaters of flesh and drinkers of the blood of Ndi Anambra who now politicize kidnapping banditry and armed robbery in Anambra State to discredit the gift of God to Anambrarians in Soludo administration even when he has not applied for the second term.”

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