Open Letter To President Buhari On Insecurity: Lest We All Die


President Muhammadu Buhari


Federal Republic of Nigeria
Aso Villa

My greeting to you your Excellency, I hope my letter meets you well and that the contents are taken seriously because the situation in Nigeria has made it expedient that we must speak up now more than ever before due to the crossroad we see ourselves as a nation. It is far from what we bargained for when Nigerians decided to give you a chance to rescue her from the hands of men we termed as “incompetent”.

Foremost, it is paramount that I do not bore you with unnecessary protocols as the urgency of this message requires I go straight to the point since every second I waste in pleasantry is a second one other Nigerian is killed, and every one Nigerian killed, brings us closer to the reality of possible end of Nigeria existence as a nation, this is so worrisome and I seek to bring your attention to them.

Your Excellency, we are made to believe that you are doing great in the fight against insurgency, kidnapping and banditry, this is good to know, but I am lost as to why the more effort you put into fighting this monster, the more we wake up daily with broken hearts and bad news, when we are given assurance of defeat of our collective tormentors, at that point is when we count bodies of our patriots in numbers, the decapitation of our Gallant men and women in the militry. One then wonders if the men close to you are telling you the truth or they are just telling you only what they feel you should know?

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It is painful that since you took over helms of affairs of this nation, everything has taken a downturn of backwardness in all aspects of our national lives from politics to economy, to security, to education, industry, etc, everything seems to have ground to a halt under you, yet there don’t seem to be any hope or solution in sight.

Our soldiers are overstretched fighting on all fronts, yet the crises seems to be going farther than their hands can grab, agitation has evolved from peaceful to violent resistance in the East, the Governors that believe in negotiating with bandits in the North has introduced them to new line of lucrative business. But your Excellency, in all these bedeviling our dear nation, “Where are you”, where are you in all these the chaos we face while you are calm and collected.

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“When are the Boys going to understand that shutting down discenting voices will not make our problems go away.


In as much as you have been overwhelmed my the circumstances confroning our nation, I am of a strong conviction that more options are still available to you,

I. One of the issues that has complicated our security situation is the Northerninzation and Fulanization of every aspect of our National heritage, making other tribes and regions to be sidelined and wanting their own nation to have a fair treatment. It is not yet too late to reassure Nigerians that we own this nation together, bring back the principles of Federal Character.

Ii. Stop making yourself unavailable to your citizens at this point of crises they need you most, when our rivers are crying blood and our soil socked with blood, this is time to show us fatherly love to give us confidence in our nation.

III. It is clear that concentrating Nigeria’s security architecture in the North because you do not trust other region is proving catastrophic, I believe it is time to have a rethink about it. Open up to hiring the best to do the right things for you because only when you remember you are the President of all Nigerians that you will begin to see answers to our numerous questions.

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IV. Like every other well meaning Nigeria has always said, this is the time to discuss Nigeria and exploit options to make her work.
Every tribe in Nigeria has lost confidence in the system because it tilts towards favouring a particular tribe at the expense of the rest. This is time to address it to avoid the ticking bomb exploding on our faces. Nigeria is bleeding, only your decision now can save her. I know you will not allow her to bleed out.

Mr President, it has become almost impossible for Nigerians to get to you because every discenting opinion is attacked and workable opinions shut down, I therefore believe that the best and only medium available to us as Nigerians is to approach you through open letters, hence my submissions.

Today I have done my part. It is in your hands to save Nigeria or finally lead her to the rocks as we are presently headed.

God Bless Federal Republic of Nigeria
Long Live President Buhari
Love and Unity, Peace and Progress.

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