Online editors seek press freedom, rights, safety of journalists


The Association of Corporate Online Editors (ACOE) has emphasised the need for press freedom in the country.

The acting President of ACOE, Martin Odiete, and acting Secretary, Omosola Akingboye stated this in a joint statement to mark the World Press Freedom Day on May 3 in Abuja.

They said that journalism plays a pivotal role in advancing environmental agendas, serving as a catalyst for change, a watchdog for accountability, and a voice for the voiceless.

They called on the government to commit to the protection of rights, safety, and security of journalists across the country.

“Online Editors (ACOE) emphasise the challenges that journalists face in carrying out their vital work.

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“As environmental defenders, journalists often confront threats, harassment, and violence for their courageous efforts to expose societal crimes and protect the natural world,” they said.

The theme for this year’s edition is: “A Press For the Planet: Journalism in the Face of Environmental Crisis.”

The body pointed out that through investigative reporting, insightful analysis, and compelling storytelling, journalists shed light on the pressing issues of environmental crisis facing the nation and inspire mass action towards positive change.

“ACOE, therefore, appeals to the government to reaffirm its commitment to the principles of a free and independent press, for effective climate journalism.

“This is indispensable to promoting transparency, accountability, and social justice, and critical to communicating the threat posed by the climate crisis and making informed decisions to be more responsible“, the group said.

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