Okwuosa’s plans for Anambra youths, sports revival agenda 


One of the leading All Progressive Congress (APC) aspirant for November 6 governorship election in Anambra state, Hon Sir Azuka Okwuosa has Sports Development And Improvement as part and parcel of his agenda for youths engagement and economic development.

The sporting activities and development is one of his blueprint for youths and Anambrarians as sports and exercise have been known to play big roles in healthy living and also a part of life, knowingly or unknowingly; particularly when it concerns the youths and younger generation.

Sports are part of exercise and a way of relaxing our nerves, physical fitness and fun too. The importance of sports can never be jettisoned or ignored because it’s very lucrative in the western world and as well serving as a major source of revenue to western countries.

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The previous government and administration has done absolutely nothing or little in the sports sector of which it might be as a result of lack of interest in sports by previous government or lackadaisical attitude on their part.
Currently in Anambra state, we cannot boost of a standard stadium of international repute.
There are absence of sophisticated and modernized sporting apparatus and equipment, no presence of golf center, gymnastics auditorium and so on.

Previous government failed to buy the idea of sports and ignored the sector outrightly, not knowing that sports can serve as a means of revenue generation into the state when managed properly and it can as well serve as a means of youth engagement and job creation for sports enthusiast, professionals and young people that have flare or interest for one sporting activity or the other.

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*Zukky’s master plan and agenda for sports development*

Zukky’s administration will develop every sports enthusiast including men and women to help them develop themselves and become the very best of themselves.

His administration will transform sports sector and make it attractive and lucrative for our youths and Anambrarians in general by managing the sector and application of his ingenuity and developmental prowess to see to it actualization.

Okwuosa’s administration will establish sports academy in each of the three senatorial zones of the state and creating room for sports  competition both locally and otherwise on periodic basis.

His administration will see to the actualization and establishment of sophisticated stadium of international repute and standard in Anambra state that will attract sports enthusiast and professionals internationally, tourist and revenue attraction too.

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