Ogbaru Communities laud Hon. Onyema on Disease control measures

participants at the training

Community dwellers in Ogbaru Federal constituency are filled with praises for  Hon. Chukwuka Onyema for his sensitization programme geared towards  disease eradication and prevention of ailments.

The exercise was seen as a panacea to loss of lives through diseases and poor lifestyle often associated with people in rural areas. Hence, 3 days training exercise was organized by Honorable Chukwuka Onyema, Member representing Ogbaru Federal Constituency at the Federal House of Representative as one of his constituency projects with the aim to spread health tips to dwellers in the communities.

One of the participants,  Mrs Anurika Anene said she benefited immensely from the trainings adding that there are many things which she never knew that she has learnt at the training pertaining  health and ways to handle cases of diseases and ailments like diabetes, fever, typhoid, malaria, their preventions and controls.

Another participant, Mrs Jacinta Ebizie said that the training is timely and important to the lives of the of the  society especially people of Ogbaru. She said many people are ignorant of the need for their health safety but the training has inculcated the knowledge of healthy living to  them.

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Addressing newsmen at Emmanuel Castle of refuge, Atani  where the training was staged, Mr. Malik Ehiede from Nolia Consultant Ltd  said that the idea for the 3 days programme was brought up by House member having realized the importance of good health maintenance to the rural dwellers. 

The consultant who was a key partner of the exercise said the participants was drawn from the communities in Ogbaru federal constituency and were made up of health workers, teachers, students, farmers with the essence to spread the knowledge to rural dwellers in their various communities.” Hon. Chukwuka Onyema realized that good health is important for his people to enjoy dividends of democracy hence the environment and communities needs to be hygienic  because without it, a sick person has nothing to enjoy. 

“When you are healthy, you will enjoy other things and be able to participate in things that concerns you. He came up with a series of lectures for his constituency that will focus on teaching the people a better healthy living and better hygienic living.”

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While many facilitators from Federal medical centers addressed the participants at the training exercise on disease control and healthy living, one of the facilitators to the programme and public health physician, Adesuwa Aigbokhaode, said that the essence of the training was to enlighten the community dwellers in Ogbaru on the infection control and disease prevention adding that it is the apt time the information is passed to people especially now that large population of the people in different communities are coming down with various forms of diseases. 

Mr. Osawaru Wilson, a public Health physician in his lecture urged participants to take hand washing serious as it is the commonest way of combating spread of ailments. He stressed on the need for  people to learn other ways of preventing ailments in rural communities such as proper waste disposal, environmental sanitation, ability to recognize signs and symptoms of ailments.

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Mr. Wilson said that most rural dwellers are ignorant of the main things they are supposed to do concerning their health even as some of them don’t know the importance of keeping  their environment clean.

Earlier, Mr. Akitikori Moses disclosed that there are common health dangerous vectors that are associated with dirty environments like mosquitoes, bed bugs, flies and advised that people must ensure good care of their environments as well as change their behavioral attitudes towards their environments.

Another facilitator, Mrs Georgia Anaele enjoined the participants to be eye of the doctors in their various communities so as to tackle cases of disease at the early stage. She even advised them to make rapid precaution by running to the hospital whenever they sense or feel abnormality in their body system.

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