Odogwublog Essay competition: Who wins in Madonna University Okija?


By Felix Oti

With the conclusion of submission of entries for the www.odogwublog.com
*Competition for Mass Communication students in Anambra state* we are now looking for winners in your view from entries from Madonna University Okija.

List who you think the winners are  from these essays in your own judgement.

Method to apply:  Like our Facebook page , then go to the essay to list your choices and reasons or Comments for that in comment section



B is the best followed by essay A and E before C ,D etc

The competition has N250, 000 for grabs

The students were asked to write not more than 500 words on why a prospective student should study Mass Communication in their School.

We have seven schools offering Mass Communication in the state excluding Paul University Awka which did not participate.

They are Federal Polytechnic Oko, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, COOU Igbariam, Tansian University Umunya, Madonna University Okija, Legacy University, Okija, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka and Odumegwu Ojukwu Polytechnic Ezinifite.

They are to convince the prospective students on why their Higher Institution is the best for Mass Communication studies among these schools.

*Submission deadline was given as January 20th , 2021

Through 08125606514 (WhatsApp only)

*1st Stage: Intra-school*
Entries will be assessed to determine winners within each school

Winner: N25, 000
1st runner-up: N15,000
2nd runner up: N10,000

And consolation prizes

*2nd Stage: Inter-school*
Winners from each school will compete among themselves to determine the overall winner.

Winner: N50, 000
1st runner-up: N30,000
2nd runner-up: N20,000

And consolation prizes

The statement was signed by Odogwu media Communications Limited
Publishers of www.odogwublog.com

See the essays of those who submitted entries for the competition from Madonna University Okija; 

Number 1 A

Name: Ogechi Miriam Felix


A renowned philosopher Aristotle says, (384bc-322bc) “the roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet”. Madonna University is the best citadel of learning for any prospective Mass Communication undergraduate as it helps build your mind set, character, morals and aura holistically. I assure you that my institution is the best for you, because it builds her students both physically, morally, mentality and emotionally, just to mention but a few acts of numerous opportunities offered in Madonna University.

The online lectures were introduced to students during the COVID-19 pandemic that kept all students at home without any learning opportunity. My institution, Madonna University Nigeria provided a rare opportunity for her students while at home, so that they wouldn’t miss out so much on academics, hence the management of Madonna University provided a platform called “Microsoft Teams App” where the students had online lectures with their lecturers. We all know how expensive it is to afford such platform, but because of the zeal for learning and impacting knowledge, Madonna University management went extra mile to ensure her students don’t loose out  while at home.

Furthermore, the institution has a standard Madonna University Radio, 93.3 Fm, where mass communication students have the opportunity to learn all the technical and practical knowhow in a radio station. In my institution, we have the television studio, PRAD Laboratories and news editing suites that you will get acquainted with and master it for future purposes. Imagine when you step out to work outside after school in a broadcasting station, all the practical tutorials will be at the tip of your fingers because you have gotten the experience as an undergraduate.

In Madonna University Nigeria, Okija Campus, the department of Mass Communication has good, well structured departmental library and e-library too, students have access to the E-library which functions with free WI-FI for browsing and learning. This is really a rare privilege to study without obstructions of any kind.

Nonetheless, Mass Communication students have the opportunity to experience magazine and newspaper production, all by themselves but with the guidance and supervision of the lecturers.

Amongst the higher institutions in Anambra State, are  Tansian University ,Legacy University ,Nnamdi Azikiwe University ,Chukwuemeka Odumegwu  Ojukwu University ,Federal Polytechnic Oko, Nigeria. Madonna University    Okija Campus, have produced right from alb inisio gurus who works in prestigious media houses.  Seriously, if you don’t come to Madonna University Nigeria, Okija Campus to study, I don’t know where else. 

According to John Maxwell, “Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potentials”, and Madonna University is the right citadel of learning to achieve and develop your potentials.

Number 2 B



The course, Mass Communication is globally recognized as a tasking but prestigious course of study. It is intellectually demanding on both its lecturers and students. Due to its elaborate nature, Mass communication has gained countless definitions from renowned scholars.  LittleJohn and Foss(2008), among many others, defined Mass communication as;The process whereby media organizations produce and transmit messages,to large publics and the process by which these messages are sought, used,understood and influenced by the audience.

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Mass communication is broad and elaborate as it encapsulates Journalism, Broadcasting, Advertising, Public Relations, Photo-journalism, e.t.c. thereby, presenting its students with various employment prospects.

However, considering the demanding nature of the course of study; it is expedient for the lecturers of Mass communication to possess certain qualities towards life, lectures and the students. There are three very important approaches expected of lecturers towards lectures and their students;

1. Constant readiness to impact knowledge
2. Passion for the course of study 3.Understanding and patience with students.

In my institution, Madonna University, the lecturers of Mass communication and every other department, are readily available to impact knowledge and improve the students in character and learning. Even, during the covid.19 lockdown, Madonna University, with the active participation of its lecturers and students, was the only university in Anambra state that conducted online classes for her students. The lecturers of Mass communication are well grounded in both the theory and practice of Mass communication. There are standard equipped libraries and sound infrastructure to enhance conducive learning atmosphere.

Accordingly students produced in Madonna University usually turn out the best in their diverse callings. There is high emphasis on moral rectitude in order to ensure that students harvested into the society are equipped to confront life’s uncertainties.Moreover, the students of Mass communication in Madonna University are also equipped with sound practical knowledge of Mass communication practice. With up-to-date digitalized radio station (Madonna 93.3fm), television studio, photography laboratory, public relations and advertising laboratory; The students are trained to hit the ground running. There is constant free internet services availed to the staff and students to enable them conduct researches and access information any time.

Indeed Madonna University is a place to be. It is a home of academic and moral excellence, which births integrity; imperative to Mass communication as a field of study.A prospective student of Mass communication in Madonna University, thus, stands a chance to be properly educated with love and zeal. He/she would be lucky to be in the league of the respected in the society. Madonna University Nigeria affords the student an opportunity to study in a calm and serene environment where there are no concerns of being harassed, molested or humiliated by the menace of cultism, fraud and prevalent vices obtained in public institutions.

The efficient organization and administration of Madonna University, curbs and permanently eliminates the issues of striking, thereby, allowing students to graduate as at when due.This essay is not really intended to undermine other universities in Anambra state, but Madonna University stands out as the best.

Number 3 C



Madonna University Nigeria was founded on the 10th of May 1999 as the Premier Private University in Nigeria and first catholic university in the West Africa sub region through the relentless efforts of Right Reverend Father Professor Emmanuel Mathew Paul Edeh (CSSP). Madonna University Nigeria was primarily established to impact students with sound and functional education and morals, The University has a congenial and enabling environment that encourages and motivates students to pursue their dream, and attain success in their chosen careers based on hard work because success is only achievable through determination, consistency, good listening, focus and God grace.

Madonna University Nigeria is known to have produced respectable professionals all over the world. It is a prestigious university where there are full time accredited courses one of which is mass communication.

Mass Communication as a course residual in the Okija Campus of the   multi campus Madonna University Nigeria and enjoys a full accreditation status according to a 2020 rating of the National University Commission (NUC). The employment rating of graduates of this department is very high as most are plying their trade in the Print and Broadcast media nationwide while others are gainfully engaged by the various ministries of Information and Communication in Nigeria.

Mass Communication Department is known for its outstanding lectures from quality lecturers and resource persons engaged by the management of the University in the functional training of her students to  the provision of standard facilities, radio, television, photo and Public Relations and Advertising (PRAD) studios, inter level Mass Communication debate, media attachment, ICT centers for Mass Communication students, Mass Communication library, online lectures etc, students of Mass Communication  also enjoys good and quality facilities that are readily available in the studios such as portable photo cameras, monitors, audio consoles, microphones, transmitters, mixer etc. Radio, Television, photo and PRAD studios are well built with its necessary equipment in the studio for practical in other for each student to have an experience.

Students of Mass Communication are given the opportunity to partake in media attachment in stations across the country to gain more knowledge and experience. ICT Centers and Mass Communication library are laid for research around the world. Students get online lectures when there are problems in the country example Covid 19 lockdown.

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Furthermore, Madonna University is not only a prestigious school but a reputable university. It is known for its quality education. As the motto says “Dignitas Scientiae et Moral” meaning Decency in Education and Morals with its vision to remain in the front line of centres of learning, teaching and research. Madonna University operates under a guiding principle that it is better to be “informed than to be deformed”.

Hence our students graduate on time because there is no interruption of the program either by strikes, cultism or any form of student’s unrest. Therefore all candidates seeking admission are encouraged to choose Madonna University Nigeria and graduate on schedule!      

Number 4 D

Name: Udoh Juliet Ignatius


“Learning is not attained by chance. It must be sought for with ardor and attained with diligence” says Adams (1780). For every responsible student who wishes to succeed he or she needs a distinguished, prominent school to fan his intelligence into flame, just as how one’s talent is being fanned into flame for a better and reproductive result. The same goes for all prospective students who seek to study mass communication in a university. The best school to enroll in is the prestigious Madonna University, Nigeria. The University is the first Catholic University in the West African region and was founded by Very Rev. Fr, Prof. Emmanuel Matthew Paul Edeh CSSP OFR.  As a student of Madonna University, there has been a lot of opportunities I have received and would like that you receive such refined and impeccable opportunities to become the great mass communication student/professional you wish to become in the nearest future.  Mass communication is a four-year degree programme of rigorous training and education in Madonna University. The school has made it possible to provide the necessities needed for a successful learning experience for mass communication students.

Provisional facilities are made free and available. The school provides convenient accommodation and a serene environment for mass communication students. She also created necessary facilities like the TV studios, radio studios etc, to engage mass communication students in advanced practical required in the learning environment. Qualified lecturers are admitted into the school to teach and mold the students’ character.  The lecturers value their profession, hence are always willing to teach in order to make the students great which in turn makes them the greater person.  

Extra-curricular projects and activities are specifically designated to mass communication students in Madonna University. The lecturers make it their job to engage the students in various activities. Students are given projects to carry out such as creating photo-albums, magazine publication, book publication, radio and television programmes, news editing and casting etc, which are elevating since we learn new things, techniques and styles concerning the field of mass communication. The school has also made provisions for those in their penultimate year to join the IT programme in the various fields they are interested in , to learn, experience and be more acquainted with it.            

The world is ever-changing and dynamic, it changes from time to time so has mass communication.  The National Universities Commission (NUC) has unbundled Mass communication into separate degree programmes, therefore, making mass communication a full faculty. The University has taken action to start three (3) of those degree programmes which are Broadcasting, Journalism, Public relations/Advertising, which will be favorable to any student enrolling in the university to study mass communication.      

Summarily, the school is the ideal place for any student who wants to study mass communication. Madonna University, Nigeria, an institution with a difference, unique in its own way.

Number 5 E

Name: Asuquo Faith Edet


Since its establishment in 1999, Madonna University has maintained its principal objective to remain at the frontline of learning, teaching, and research. The institution offers a variety of courses for interested candidates having the department of mass communication currently being referred to as the faculty of communication and media studies as one of its best. Mass Communication is a field of study with pressing demands. At Madonna University Nigeria, every student has the advantage of not only learning but properly understanding his/her work with an array of lecturers on standby.  As important as it is to obtain a degree from a prestigious academic institution, it is more beneficial to find one that caters academically and personally.   

Knowing how pressing the demand for specialization is, Madonna University strives to ensure that its students get all the requisite knowledge possible. With a state of the art publication where students have the opportunity to be conversant in editorial writing, and management skills and a photo studio equipped with first-hand pieces of equipment so students can easily capture images when reporting on a topic. This especially suits the needs of one who has a knack for photojournalism. The institution also possesses a functional television studio and a public relations and advertising laboratory. After all, it is a known truth that of all inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language.

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       In the area of broadcasting, there is a radio studio with standard pieces of equipment for students to be comfortable with the latest developments in that field. It is always accessible with an array of professionals ready to coach anyone interested and polish their broadcast skills. The departmental library surpasses expectations, with technologically advanced gadgets, relevant books, and publications about the course.

     Like most private institutions, Madonna does not embark on the regular strike which plagues universities in our country Nigeria. However, recent developments resulting from the Covid19 pandemic have shown that strike is not the worst thing that can happen. The pandemic shut down all institutions and put a hold on learning. Madonna University geared itself up and proved that she was up to the task by conducting online lectures the likes which most schools in Nigeria cannot boast of. The academic session went on without a hitch in our homes, and students could graduate in record time.   

  Duras (1991) said that “journalism without a moral position is impossible. Every journalist is a moralist. It is unavoidable”.  As a mass communication student, one must be decent and Madonna University is known for imbuing decency and the spirit of truth in her students, aiding them not only academically but morally. The institution understands the need of its students and tries to cater to every individual interested in the various spectrums of mass communication to produce excellence. Let Madonna University be your stepping stone to the pinnacle of excellence.

Number 6 F

Name: Chukwudi, Jennifer


Mass communication is a highly sophisticated and professional course that has other branches under it and has helped to connect the world together through transfer of message. Hence, for you to achieve quality result and realize that dream of being a professional communicator, Madonna University is a great choice to make.
     As an institution, Madonna University Nigeria is the first private Catholic University that is approved by the Federal Government and founded by Rev. Fr Emmanuel Matthew Paul Edeh in the year 1999 and the school has since received full accreditation to run different courses. Its outstanding growth is achieved due to its vision and mission of training students to be academically and morally sound.
      As  prospective students of Mass communication, I will encourage you to enroll in my school so as to achieve your desired dream of becoming a communicator, as we do not undergo strike, which is a challenge to other schools and acts as a limitation to a successful academic program.
            There is a conducive environment that helps to enhance learning and improve the standard of education in our country. There is no form of cultism or any other untoward activities such as; clubbing, rioting that distracts students from giving full concentration to their studies. We have different facilities present in my school that aids learning. These facilities include; a standard school library, lecture rooms, ICT building, E-library, departmental library, TV and Radio studios and many other facilities. It will amaze you to know that the TV and Radio Studios present in my school utilize the services of mass communication students. We organize the programme that is aired in the stations and this has helped to expose us to the practical aspect of our course, thereby improving our intellectual capabilities. Mass Communication is a course that has so many branches under it such as; Public Relations, Advertising, Journalism, Film production and many others. Due to its numerous branches, a professional is needed to impact in the students and Increase their knowledge about the course and its diversities.
       I am proud to say that Madonna University has the best lecturers who are passionate, fit and have in-depth knowledge about the course. There is no doubt that a graduate of mass communication from Madonna University keep standing out and making waves in their different organizations. Madonna University, due to its passion to groom student is the only school that conducted online classes in Anambra, during the outbreak of corona virus in the country. This in turn made students to remain alert and academic conscious during the lockdown . Students are also allowed to go for media attachment outside the school.
       I am a proud ‘Madonnite’ because I am on a journey of actualizing my dreams of becoming an outstanding communicator and I encourage you as prospective students to get admitted and enjoy the same benefit. Your dreams can become a reality, if you take the right step.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

21 thoughts on “Odogwublog Essay competition: Who wins in Madonna University Okija?

  1. 1A – She made a great point because during the pandemic her institution were the only citadel of learning that had lectures through Microsoft Themes App
    She wrote accurately and made her point straight forward

  2. Number 1A
    write up is really impactful and encourages education because due to the pandemic, schools find it difficult to open and even have online classes. The university was able to create a micro software to enable students interest in online classes.

  3. 1A-She made a great point because during the pandemic her institution were the only citadel of learning that had lectures through Microsoft Themes App
    She wrote accurately and made her point straight forward

  4. No1A Ogechi miriam Felix,
    My opinion,she has explicitly given us reasons to the best of her knowledge as a mass communication student, from her line of submission, its boldly written in clear terms and all the points she made are in line with the subject matter, so at this point with out fear of contradiction I will ask that she be given the best and highest score.
    Thanks. I am Hon Ibeagwa Stanley N

  5. 1A ,I want her to win because she made a valid point in her write up,she did mentioned the effort put in place by the school authority during the covid 19 pandemic

    1. A1

      A1 deserves the win, she hit the nail on the point….she summarized and made clear what makes madonna university a unique institution and why it is the best for any prospective masss communication student..

  6. I support 1A. Her essay is well articulated and she brought Madonna University to life with her writing. I’ve never considered Madonna to be very well equipped with the necessary tools for learning, but after reading her essay I can say that the institution is doing so well. I also encourage more parents to send their children there for proper grooming both morally and intellectually.

  7. Number 6F

    After reading the points made I will say bravo to number 6f she deserves to win. Her points were unique,concise and well articulated in line with her topic. Keep going higher the sky is your stepping stone

  8. 2b made a good presentation of her course of discipline also made good as it considered the cordial relationship between the licturer and the students and also the conducive learning environment of school facility’s.

  9. 2B presentation is well thought out, presentation that is very rare to witness among licturer and students in most institution, today.

  10. 2b have made a good case presentation as it matter on the relationship between the licturer , students and the school administration.

  11. 2b presentation is a well acticulated write-up that present initigretty of the school,licturer and the students relationship

  12. I saw her essay as an outstanding one that means the lecturers of mass communication in Madonna university are indeed good. Infact as I’m now am changing my children to this madonna university, Because i want to give my children a good quality education. And I have found one and which is Madonna university. I also encourage you people out there to vote for this girls number 6F Janifer chukwudi because the girl makes a great sense on this essay.

  13. Essay number 1A is wonderful, she mentioned some points especially the radio house which is not just a university radio but a region wide radio 93.3 Fm , Madonna graduates from the University were groomed through that station and they are doing well today in the industry, and many other points she mentioned as it concerns E-learning and the quality of staff they have in that department …kudos to the organizers

  14. I love Essay 6F. It was precise well articulated, more enticing and appealing. It covered every area of interest in the school.

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