Odogwublog Essay competition: Who wins in Federal Polytechnic Oko?

By Felix Oti

With the conclusion of submission of entries for the www.odogwublog.com
*Competition for Mass Communication students in Anambra state* we are now looking for winners in your view from entries from Federal Polytechnic Oko.

List who you think the winners are  from these essays in your own judgement.

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B is the best followed by essay A and E before C ,D etc

The competition has N250, 000 for grabs

The students were asked to write not more than 500 words on why a prospective student should study Mass Communication in their School.

We have seven schools offering Mass Communication in the state excluding Paul University Awka which did not participate.

They are Federal Polytechnic Oko, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, COOU Igbariam, Tansian University Umunya, Madonna University Okija, Legacy University, Okija, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka and Odumegwu Ojukwu Polytechnic Ezinifite.

They are to convince the prospective students on why their Higher Institution is the best for Mass Communication studies among these schools.

*Submission deadline was given as January 20th , 2021

Through 08125606514 (WhatsApp only)

*1st Stage: Intra-school*
Entries will be assessed to determine winners within each school

Winner: N25, 000
1st runner-up: N15,000
2nd runner up: N10,000

And consolation prizes

*2nd Stage: Inter-school*
Winners from each school will compete among themselves to determine the overall winner.

Winner: N50, 000
1st runner-up: N30,000
2nd runner-up: N20,000

And consolation prizes

The statement was signed by Odogwu media Communications Limited
Publishers of www.odogwublog.com

See the essays of those who submitted entries for the competition from Federal Polytechnic Oko;

Number 1 A

Name: Nwagbo ThankGod
Federal polytechnic oko Anambra.

My school federal polytechnic oko is located in Anambra state Nigeria. My school being a wonderful one has been doing pretty well. In terms of course, my school offers many course, but am going to talking about mass communication as the essay implies. 

   Firstly, mass communication is the process of creating, sending, receiving,and analyzing messages to large audience using verbal and written media. Its main focus is not just the why and who a message is passed, but the medium through which it passes. These media are various and include the Internet, social media, digital media, print, radio, and television.

  For those aspiring/prospective student which are longing to study mass communication in my school, the reason why you are needed to study mass communication in my school Includes, we have  the quality/best equipment for practical. As a prospective student who want to study mass communication, you are needed to practicalize your course, and with the help of the equipment such as (microphone, camera,audio console etc) the practical is been done successfully.

  The other reason as a prospective student is the certificate which will be issued to you after schooling. With the neat and approved certificate, you can be able to gain/secure a job for your self. In my school federal polytechnic oko(F. P. O) we do offer a certificate which are ND and HND. Studying mass communication in NY school,after your two years of ND, you are required to go for one year Industrial Training (I. T) in order for you have experience in some radio station and television station, there you can speak on air.
   Another tangible reason why you should study mass communication in my school, we have well trained lecturers of which are there to give you exactly all you need as a communicator. The lecturers through their lectures, you won’t be able to b afraid of in journalism.

   Another exciting part of it is the mass communication complex in my school. The complex is such a nice one and lavishly furnished complex.

    My school has a library where you can make quiet time with your textbooks, read and comprehend what you reading and studying.

   In my school ( F. P. O) we have a frequency that also helps you to practicalise your course in the aspect of radio. The frequency in my school is *98.7 FM* (moment FM).

   You will learn techniques on how message are been delivered. There are many technique for delivering messages to masses which accurately taught in my school. For instance : print media, newspaper, magazine,journals, and others are diverts ways to pass messages across. In my school, you will learn nitty-gritty of these techniques and can work as an editor, reporter,or even a proofreader. You can also choose to pitch your  career online and work as a social media manager, content, creator, copy write,and so on.

   As a prospective student, who want to study mass communication in my school, after studying, your understanding of the world will expand: mass and mass communication prepare you to understand the most complex issues of the world in areas like political, cultural,and business fields. You will also have the ability to affect millions, either by standing in front of the large crowd speaking or sitting behind  a machine writing. Studying mass communication in my school helps you  helps you to achieve that.

   Studying mass communication in my school is indeed a nice one, all you need as an up coming journalist is found in my school. Yo learn the communication tools and strategies to promote messages, products,and programs. You also pursue a career in traditional communication fields such as advertising, journalism or public relation or use your skill in health care, financial services, information technology, federal agencies and nonprofits. Its really wonderful to study in my school federal polytechnic oko, especially the course *Mass Communication*

Number 2 B




Are you looking for the best polytechnic in Anambra state for Admission, search for federal Polytechnic Oko. It is your best Institution in the field of Masscommunicatiom. Why? It is best because all the necessary, useful equipment, skills  for the education are in there.

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COMPETENT  LECTURERS ; As it stands now, these lecturers in question are capable to inbuilt you with many knowledge, put you in a state of been creative. In the class, if the lecture time is 8.am and you are not in class by that time, you can’t enter class, why beause you are not ready to learn. Attendance are taking in the class and you know what it means and is very useful, this is to show that keeping time is very important in human life. They show you the straight way to stand firm as a communicator when to face labour market i.e after graduation and to become head on any place or organisation wherever you find yourself.

PRACTICAL  SECTOR  :  Federal polytechnic Oko have several areas for their practicals. They even have A radio station called Moment FM. For the practical, they have Radio /TV studio, to learn how to Anchor  programms, Advertising, News etc, As mass communication student. In this studio, many necessary equipment are provided e.g  Mixer console, microphone, headphone, monitor, camera speaker etc, these made us to be more active wherever we are.

GOOD  LECTURE  HALL :  we have more wider lecture hall which contains all students with enough seats and been more comfortable and convinent during lecture hours, even its decorated with industrious and Hanging fans to Aired and cool students brains during hot hour.

GOOD  LIBRARY :  we have excellent, conducive rooms where students stays cool and comfortable to read their books whenever they want.

DRESS  CODE : indecent dressing is highly prohibited in the federal polytechnic Oko. The dress code in our school is amazing and fantastic.

C B T CENTRE :   these are the structures made for writing examinations  in the school, weather interior or exterior students. Like Jamb  examination etc, with the experience of using computer to write exams.

MEDICAL  CENTER :   As we all are human beings, sometimes our body will change to abnormal state. We need to go and check our health. Medical center is there for us without payment.

ALLEVIATIVE :   in mass communication department Oko poly, with the help of the head of department (BARR . ODUAH ) have organized compensation gift for students to ease their stress of travel home during examination period.

ENVIRONMENT :  federal polytechnic Oko is well structured. Very comfortable place to stay and entering area.

FOR  POST  Graduates: Federal polytechnic Oko graduates are extremely doing well out there. Just take A look at;
CEO DEAR  OMA Network and dear Oma foundation.
She graduated in the year 2014, worked at Omega f. M. Umuchu, won the best O. A. P. In Anambra state in the year 2018. She is now doing her masters in U. K.

He is one of the richest journalism in the south east of the country now.

These people are the products of mass communication in the federal polytechnic Oko. So my dear in the essence people that studied mass communication  in Oko poly are extra ordinary in every thing they do.

Number 3 C

Name: Anopue Cynthia O.
  Federal Polytechnic Oko ( HND 2)

Why a prospective student should study mass communication in Federal polytechnic Oko

    Mass communication is one of the best courses to study in higher institution as it is educative, transform culture, entertaining and makes one to know and understand what is happening within and outside the society. It is a 2-4 years degree program.

Mass communication is the process of creating, sending, receiving and analyzing messages to a large heterogeneous and scattered audience simultaneously, using verbal and written media. Its main focus is not just the why and how a message is passed, but the medium through which it passes. These media are various and include the internet, social media, digital media, print, radio and television.

Mass communication involves so many disciplines and incorporates vital element of related fields like strategic communication, health communication, political communication marketing and journalism. This diversity of mass communication allows for creativity and flexibility in selecting one’s career.

With a mass communication background, one can pursue employment in related field like marketing, journalism, entertainment, healthcare, communications consulting, broadcasting, advertising foreign entities, government and non-profit organizations.   

   As a saying that goes “Can anything good come out of Nazareth” Yes! Federal polytechnic Oko is the best and solid institution one can study mass communication. The institution has all it takes to mould and build a student to be a hot cake for the labour market. During the Ordinary National Diploma (OND), the students are thought the basics and rudiment of mass communication then embark on one year industrial training, and return for Higher National Diploma(HND),where students are split into two options; Print and Broadcast option.

Students study in a neat and conducive environment, large class room with wall and standing fans enough to serve the whole students. Mass communication students federal polytechnic Oko are known for their neat and unique dressing code and indecent dressing are not allowed.

We have qualified and erudite lecturers that put in effort to make sure that students learn the best they can both in theoretical and practical aspect.lecturers like the Head of Department Barr. F.M Odua, Barr. Collins, Mr Ben Obioha, Dr. Onyeka Uwakwe, Mr. IKem Nwosu though now retired and many more. There is a radio station known as 98.7 Moment F.M, where student go for practical and happenings within the school premises are being conveyed there too, also Television room with well equipped instruments and practical room for photo Journalism. There is also campus newspaper “THE DAWN” operates by tested and qualified mass communication students which undergoes thoroughly editing and proofreading before producing.

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The institution has school medical where students go and receive treatment, anti-cult for any misconduct and proved entrepreneurship where student will be opportune to learn and acquire many skills such as; belt making, detergent making and more.    

As a student and graduate of mass communication department, Federal polytechnic Oko, The skills you acquire will enable you solve problem, communicate with people and also have the ability to affect millions either by standing in front of a large crowd speaking or sitting behind machine writing and enable you to use effective communication tools and strategies.

Number 4 D

Name: Ugwuoke Joy Chidimma
Mass Communication Department
Federal Polytechnic, Oko.


It is said that good communication skills are critical to our success, from personal interactions with friends and family to business relationships that require communicating ideas through individual correspondence, presentations and the mass media.

Mass Communication is the process of imparting and exchanging information through mass media to large segments of the population simultaneously. The importance of the study cannot be overemphasized. The study interprets, explain and comment on the meaning of events and information. Other importance of mass communication study includes cultural transmission, entertainment, among others.

However, where to be educated on the course is one of the most important issues facing us today. If you are to be properly nurtured and enlightened on the effectiveness and efficacy on Mass Communication, Federal Polytechnic Oko would be the best school to rely on, it is one of the departments accorded with much credits.

One reason behind this, the school is blessed with competent lecturers that possess good certificates of higher learning, corresponding from the Head of Department, Barr. Dr. F. M. Oduah PhD, a prestigious intellectual being who would stop at nothing to seeing to the wellbeing of his students. They provide students with experiences that enable them to achieve communication literacy. 

In addition, the department is known for its conducive classrooms and Computer Based Test [CBT] center which is also meant for research and other computer appreciation exercises. Simply put, students learn better when they view the learning environment as positive and supportive.

Moreover, the Polytechnic’s E-library is one of its most crucial assets, it plays a great role in the lives of students serving as the store house of knowledge. Its kind is hardly seen in other institutions. The polytechnic library facilitates the work of the classroom lecturers and ensure students have equitable access to resources, irrespective of home opportunities or constraints.

Furthermore, Federal Polytechnic Oko has a highly sophisticated radio station; The Moment FM 98.7, it has a national coverage and champions all issues concerning the nation and beyond. The staffs of Moment FM are luminaries when it comes to mass communication. Students studying Mass Communication are allowed occasionally into the studio for practical and other programs. In account of this, excursions are frequently organized for the students of Mass Communication department to other media houses like radio and television studios.

The department has produced prestigious actors and personalities: Tony Muonagor [Tony-one-week] an artist, Okafor Benjamine Chiemelie (Maazi) ABS presenter and what have you?

Consequently, federal polytechnic Oko ranks very high amongst the most preferred institutions by candidates for Mass Communication studies during Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination [UTME]. The prestigious academic body is recognized as the leading international journal of Mass Communication studies, publishing eight separate numbers each year.

In conclusion, the department has been known for its award winnings in previous communication skill competitions among higher institutions. With these aforementioned facts, a prospective student should embrace beyond doubt that Federal Polytechnic Oko is the most reliable school in Anambra State for Mass Communication Studies.

Number 5 E

Name: Okefie Odinakachi O.  Federal Polytechnic, Oko.

Preferred Higher Institution to Study Mass Communication.

Mass communication, according to DeFleur (2010, p. 32) can be defined as “a linear process in which professional communicators use media to design and disseminate messages widely, rapidly and continually to arouse intended meanings in large, diverse and selectively attending and interpreting audiences in attempts to influence them in a variety of ways.” This type of communication differs from other types of communication because it is technology–assisted transmission of information to a large, dispersed, heterogeneous and anonymous audience members. It must be technology–based, originate from professional communicators and be directed to a mass, heterogeneous and diversified audience. A professional course in Mass communication opens doors for a career in films and TV, publishing, public relations, journalism, editing, direction, filmmaking, scriptwriting, production, etc. In nutshell, mass communication widens up the horizon of the career options for a person. Depending upon personal interest and inclination, a mass communication professional can choose a skill/career.

However, different tertiary institutions within Anambra State are offering this professional course (mass communication). But to get the best out of it, Federal Polytechnic Oko is the ideal tertiary institution for the study of Mass communication among other higher institutions in the State. Reason being that the institution have all it takes humanly and materially to equip her students studying mass communication with a wide range selection of career opportunities in areas like; broadcasting, advertising, journalism, marketing and public relations. As a mass communication student in the institution, you will learn more about the history, theories and criticisms surrounding mass media; from how mass media are used to drive an economy to the ways they are used to disseminate news and entertainment. You will also examine how the media works and how it affects our society socially and culturally.

Also, Federal Polytechnic Oko have a qualified, erudite and professional lecturers in the field of Mass communication and journalism who are pedagogic in nature unlike other higher institutions within the state. These lecturers are diligent enough in discharging their duties. They inject ethical and moral values as it pertains to mass communication and journalism to the students. Equally, the conduct of good journalistic practices and how to avoid unethical journalism practices in the field are the basis of their teachings.

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In addition, the institution have a qualified lecturers who took accurate care of the students when it comes to the practical aspects of Mass communication. These practical aspects takes place outside the classroom. This enabled the institution to acquire an outstanding radio station known as Moment FM, TV station (Moment TV), Film processing and production room, newspaper and magazine production department, etc. All these practical parts of Mass communication is exceptional and functional in Federal Polytechnic Oko. This makes the students of the department to be extremely different in the field of Mass communication and journalism.

They equally have the opportunity to work on the projects that prepare them for real-world work in different forms of media, like working for a magazine, television network or public relation company. Moreso, it is ideal to note that the Institution has a credible and objective lecturers who are always accountable to the Head of Department. This enabled them to be diligent and fair in their dealings with the students of the department of Mass communication in the institution. The outcome of this is that each student who is studious always have a smile in his or her face at the end of every session because of good results. There is equally a conducive learning and studying environment and atmosphere in the institution.In conclusion, the institution; Federal Polytechnic Oko is the best among other higher institutions in Anambra State to Study Mass communication.

To evaluation this, the institution has been rated as the topmost institution in the State who has produced professional personnel in the field of Mass communication and journalism regionally and nation-wide. These professionals are ethical and outstanding in their different areas and careers in the field of work.

Number 6 F

Name: Nwoye Jessica Chinelo

Department of Mass communication, Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra State.

Federal polytechnic, Oko is a polytechnic situated at Oko, Orumba North LGA in Anambra state. It offers Mass communication as one of the courses and It happens to be one of the most difficult, serious and competitive courses offered. I agree totally that it’s one of the best schools that offers Mass communication as a course with the following points of mine:

Firstly, it has the best and complete equipment needed in a studio to enhance in the learning of Mass communication. Oko Poly has been noted nationally for their vast acquisition of equipment ranging from the least to the most important. These makes the students to be more acquainted with the instruments used in the studio. You cannot be a Mass communication student and will not know the necessary equipment involved and how to operate it together with how to gather news.

Secondly, Oko Poly is noted to have a qualified, professional, intellectual lecturers with zeal and urge to always impart the necessary knowledge to their students. They spare no time for jokes or unseriousness and they devout their time and energy to see that their students are well imparted. Each lecturer according to his or her specialization enlightens the students on various equipments and also have them to practicalize what they have been taught. Also, while giving assignment, they leave no stone unturned. They touched every important part of mass communication to equip their students for tomorrow. Their assignment to the students are exceptional, highlighting and most importantly needs the racking of brain to decipher the issue thereby making them see and reason beyond.

Fed poly Oko impart to their students positively which they in turn impart to the newly admitted students. In fact, Fedpoly Oko has done more good than harm in having mass communication as one of their courses in school. It is known by all departments as one of the most competitive course or crucial course in their school and their lecturers mostly feared but tolerant and accommodative. You cannot be a mass communication student and will not know the necessary equipment involved and how to operate it together with how to gather news.

They don’t just lecture you to pass but the lecturer you to bring out the good result. Mass communication is the heart of Fedpoly Oko and held I high esteem irrespective of it being offered in Polytechnic but the most important part is “THERE IS A DIFFERENCE”.

Fedpoly, Oko Mass Communication also made available a radio Fm named “Moment FM” which is why the school is called “Polytechnic of the Moment” not just the polytechnic but student of the Moment creating an avenue or path for the expression of the mass Comm. Students.

I urge you the prospective students seeking admission to choose Federal Polytechnic as an Institution for studying Mass Communication. By coming into Fedpoly Oko, you have gained a lot which mostly is “You have got to beat your fellow students in other school, you have got the nerve or the urge to attain a greater height”. You become intellectually disturbed or unstable when you don’t see yourself practicalizing what you have been taught. You compete to become the best and not just the best but best among all. That’s zeal and dream.

I am not trying to coat words but am telling you the strong benefit you will gain being a student of Federal Polytechnic, Oko as a mass communication student. Thank You.

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      1. I commend C for a convincing write up. If she is a marketer, she will sale all her products. She made a good point and for that reason, any of my child who wish to study mass communication will go to Okopoly.

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      Uchechukwu Ejidike best convinced me.

      I commend Mr Odogwu( now Dr Odogwu PhD) for his great strides in Nigeria’s journalism.

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