Odinammadu celebrates New yam in style, says better things are coming to Oba

By Uzo Ugwunze

One of the major aspirants for the Igwe EzeOkpoko II monarch stool in Oba, Chief Samuel Odinammadu, Ikeora Oba has celebrated the 2021 New Yam festival in Grand style.

Chief Odinammadu who won the EzeOkpoko II selection primaries of the Okuzu Oba Improvement Union with about 196 votes said that Oba was entering a new era of good news and infrastructural developments.

“This Is the beginning of better things for our community. I am very happy to host Oba people as I celebrate the new yam in thanksgiving to God who has blessed our endeavors.

“We are following the customs and traditions our fore fathers left for us.We believe that next year’s celebration will be greater because I pray for Unity, peace and progress of Oba Community.

“With the emergence of new set of our illustrous sons who are billionaires very soon they will start investing their resources in bringing infrastructural developments in Oba in spirit of Akulueuno,” said Odinammadu.

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According to Ogilisi Igbo, Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka this shows that Ikeora Oba upholds traditions. He is a man of the people.

“Oba is developing. I sowed the seed of development when I came to Oba as a 19year old to establish the Rogenny Tourists/Games village. Onye bia Oba, Oba abaliya-Coming to Oba does one good,” said Ezeonwuka.

Moreover, other EzeOkpoko II major aspirants, Chief Okwuduba Anyaorah, Ijele Oba and Chief Obi Ufondu, Ochiagha who came to felicitate with Odinammadu described the celebration as a good thing and cultural revival.

“Good things will be happening in Oba. Celebration of New yam is a prestigious Igbo cultural festival. Oba Regent celebrated yesterday, Ikeora Oba is celebrating today, likewise any person is free to celebrate New yam any day,” said Okwuduba.

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“We are reviving our culture. It is good to know your roots.An adage says if you don’t know where rain started beating you, you will not know where it stopped,” said Ufondu.

Meanwhile, Nze Godwin Onwupenata, Ogbataonua Oba who noted that the celebration was spectacular with presence of masquerades prayed that God should grant Chief Odinammadu the good desires of his heart.

Also, Chief Ben Chibueze, Igbaluogige Oba lauded Chief Odinammadu saying that the celebrator has shown understanding of customs and traditions and was capable of occupying the EzeOkpoko II stool of Oba Community.

Other dignitaries present include, Oba Patriotic Union,President General of Oba, Rev Chris Emelie, Councillor representing Oba wards 1 and II at Idemili South LGA, Mr. Ejike Chibueze and Mr. Chukwuemeka Obienu respectively.

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Others include, Oba Regent, Prince Noel Ezenwa and many cabinet members, Okuzu Oba Youth Leader, Ifesochukwu Abafor, Mr. Ifeanyi Ejibendu, Mr Chinedu Nworah, HRM Chidi Nworah Obiakajiofor of Ifite land. (MOI)

Pics: Chief Samuel Odinammadu, Ikeora Oba (sitted right) with Chief Ben Chibueze, Igbaluogige Oba

Pics: Chief Samuel Odinammadu, Ikeora Oba performing the sacred ikpoonunu- feeding the gods of the four market days before eating the new yam at his country home.

Pics: Chief Samuel Odinammadu, Ikeora Oba in company of Regent of Oba, Prince Noel Ezenwa, Ezeamaalu and some Igwe in council during the new yam festival.

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