NNAMDI KANU'S BROADCAST 17th JUNE 2020. Did You Miss it ?
  1. Opening prayers by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu
  2. Tonight if your coming to listen to us, bring your pen and paper. If you are JANJAWEED, bring your chalk and slate.
  3. Whenever i try to teach, I teach subjects that are incontrovertible.
  4. We have the ability to reason on a continuous level .
  5. Biafra is not like any other nation of the world and we make no apologies to that .
  6. The greatest injustice anybody can do to you is to hide the truth from you.
  7. What is happening today we foretold it, and we knew they will happen.
  8. They so called men of God are afraid because they are not sure of what they are preaching. Instead all they are concerned about is tithes and Offerings.
  9. I am saying this too because I am a Christian, controversial, but I will tell you why in short while, why all of us are Christians.
  10. What am about to tell you this evening, no pastor knows the meaning of Christianity. Those that knows from Rome, hides it away from you. This night I will tell you.
  11. People in Nigga area in Katsina went to do the same protest that you are doing around the world in the name of “black lives matters”, the organizer of the same protest in Katsina Nastiwa Sharif, was arrested.
  12. Amnesty international has reported that they have arrested this man because he is crying out about the killings of his people by bandits.
  13. Not all advice from old people you should listen. Some old people grows old.
  14. Nobody is more Christian than me. Listen attentively. The best place to start is ,who is a Christian?. According google, Christianity is an Abrahamic monotheistic teachings of Jesus christ. Meaning the religion teaching of one God.
  15. What is the meaning of monotheism, ONE GOD. The same God that Judaism believes in.
  16. During the time of Yeshua. The meaning of Yeshua is Chizoba, God saves.
  17. The problem with the churches in Nigeria is that you steal money, and you kept quiet. You don’t condemn the killings in Nigeria .http://NNAMDI KANU’S BROADCAST 17th JUNE 2020. Did You Miss it ?
  18. If not for Urigadari we wouldn’t have had mobile phones today. The white people were superstitious like Africans we wouldn’t have the mobile phones .
  19. The name we bear is enough for me to know that God is real. I don’t need a white man to teach me that.
  20. My aim is to educate all these criminals, and fake people.
  21. Do you actually know the meaning of Israel? It simply means the PRINCE OF GOD.
  22. my aim is to educate and not to castigate anybody. Jesus prayed to “my father in heaven” so why don’t you do what jesus have done?
  23. What Europe has done over the years is wherever they go and see the children of light they will deny them their history.
  24. Had the Israelites allowed themselves to be bamboozled, will there be israel today?
  25. There is a place in Arochukwu called Ihechiowa, the place of light .
  26. I told you that Biafra is the kingdom of God on earth. Everywhere they are answering light . How else do you need me to tell you that you are special.
  27. And when I see all these blessed children of Biafra going to all these churches pastored by the former Moslems.
  28. And then somebody is answering the name “darkness”, nigga area and you want me to accept them?
  29. Do you know why they hate us? because God said that darkness and light does not believe together. And you expect to be accepted by Nigeria which is a darkness?
  30. Can you see why I have a problem with someone who answers Niger Delta. And someone wake up and call you darkness.
  31. Lugard knows exactly what he was doing when he named you,
    “the Great Biafra”
  32. Look at South Africa, who made it beautiful? A white man. Immediately the whites handed over to black people they are backwards like other African countries.
  33. You dont have sewage systems, we build a house we kept digging pits for toilets.
  34. I want people to understand that we have proof for the migration of people from Israel.
  35. The book of Zephaniah 3:10 says, after Ethipiopia you will see my people there. Look at the map, after Ethiopia is Biafara.
  36. This is the book you carry everyday, the word of God and you go to those who does not know God to teach you the word of God.
  37. The book of Zephaniah 3:10 , says from beyond Ethiopia,
    and after Ethiopia is the kingdom of Biafara the name of my village, Afara.
  38. IPOB is light , the ZOO Nigga area is darkness.
  39. Why I am upset with Yoruba is that they are Learned, they went to school, and yet they cannot reason.
  40. Fulanis are busy impregnating 6 year olds in the North, these are the bastards you want to be with.
  41. They are raping 6 year old children in Nigga area, and you said that you are a Nigerian? These are the people your daddy G.O wants you to be with.
  42. Your real name is Nigerian, that’s your real name. Funny enough that’s a name that has been banned, but that is a name of a country in Africa. Black people are you normal in the brain?
  43. For the first time in the history of the ZOO, the indigenous people of Katsina has risen up and have asked for a State of Emergency.
  44. Fulani if you don’t call me to discuss Biafra exit, you will lose Sokoto also.
  45. Do you know that the Christian’s in the North outnumbered the moslems in the North.
    I say to Fulani, very soon you are going to lose your emirate in Sokoto. Keep delaying.
  46. Yoruba you people are daft, you know nothing, you go into the library, crammed some word of English and come out to be talking RUBBISH while FULANIS are busy raping your women. Yoruba, how many of your mothers will be raped before you woke up?.
  47. There is another idiot giving land to Fulani from Igboetite his name is M.B.T Ezeani. This man brought Fulani into our land and gave them land. His numbers are , 0803761374.
  48. And on that very note , I want to sound this very warning, not everyone that shout Biafra, Biafra is one of us. To be one of us , you must be under Oath. If you are not a family member you are not one of us.
  49. There will be no tolerance of cabals in IPOB. For those in the USA, there must be financial transparency, no body must be in possession of cash, everything must go though the banks.
  50. And back home in Biafraland, I can see that ZOO mentality is creeping in. I gave an order that nobody is allowed to levy anybody in Biafraland, if you know you did so, you should resign before Sunday or be disgraced on air.
  51. On that note, we have come to the end of this broadcast, and I confess that Biafra is our Religion and here on Radio is where we worship, From me, from here, is Goodevening.

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