Nigeria needs an Igbo president – Bishop Ezeokafor

The Catholic Bishop of Awka, Anambra State, Most Reverend Paulinus Ezeokafor said yesterday that the Igbo deserve to produce the president of Nigeria in 2023 because they are part and parcel of the country.

Giving his Christmas message in Awka, Bishop Ezeokafor observed that Igbo is the only major tribe that has not produced the president of the country since the return to the current democratic dispensation, adding that for the sake of equity, other Nigerians should allow the Igbo to produce the next president.

He said: “Igbo, as a major ethnic group in the country deserve to produce the president in 2023. The Hausa man had taken and taken again, the Yoruba man had taken and the South-South man had taken. I think that in fairness, the Igbo should take it the next time around.

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Some people might be thinking that the Igbo Igbo presidency is a privilege, but it is not. It is their right and for justice and equity, the Igbo should occupy that position, otherwise, agitations and frictions will continue in the country.

“It is because of this unfair treatment that is making some groups to be complaining as they feel their people are marginalized and are not given due recognition in the arrangement called Nigeria.

“Truly, these groups are not complaining about nothing. If we take Nigeria as one country, an Igbo should be the president in 2023; otherwise, we should go back to the regional system.”

What are your thoughts?

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