Nigeria is going backwards under Buhari – Bishop



Methodist Bishop of Umuahia east diocese, Rt. Rev. Godfrey Agupusi at the weekend has called on President Mohammadu Buhari to judiciously make use of the next four years of his administration to develop Nigeria rather than bring the country backward as witnessed in the past four years.

President Mohammadu Buhari

Agupusi made this known while fielding questions from journalists shortly after his visit to the governor of Ebonyi State, David Umahi, in Abakaliki.

His words: “I am here in Ebonyi State to show solidarity to the Governor David Umahi, who indeed has done well for the past four years. Anytime I come to Ebonyi, I feel good because the government has done well in infrastructural development when compared to other states in Nigeria, especially in the south east region.

“Go to other state capitals in Nigeria, you will see almost nothing.”

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The clergy, however, expressed regret over the situation of things in Nigeria, especially in terms of security of lives and property, infrastructure and human development.

“Everybody knows that Nigeria is not where it supposed to be. From the last election, I keep saying that federal government took some states backwards but it has come and gone. The inauguration has been done.

” I only wish that the leaders will have passion for the people, passion for the poor because the poor is getting poorer. In a wealthy nation like Nigeria, the weak is getting weaker, the sick is getting more sick.

“In Nigeria that God has blessed across the nation, thank God for some governors who are doing very well.

“If you talk of infrastructure, what do we have, dilapidation every where. Decay every where and the leaders talk about millions and trillions of naira everyday. When they mention this amount of money, we become afraid because some of us have not seen such amount of money in our life but they talk about it as if it is nothing.

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“Yes, we see nothing. They tell us what they do in the television and radio but in the practical teams. However, let it be that they are doing their best but their best is not good enough.

“In area of security, everybody is afraid and people no longer move freely. It was not like this many years ago. Banditry and kidnapping are everywhere. Whether North, South, East etc, it is the same story. And government need to do something about it. Impunity is a problem in Nigeria, say what you like but the government will do what they want to do. It is not good in governance.

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“So, we have done elections, done inaugurations but let the leaders sit down and ask God for what to do next. My people are suffering, what do I do? Thank God for the very few, who have the passion for the people but generally speaking Nigeria is not yet developing.

“We are going backwards. Frankly speaking we are going backwards, in spite of the great wealth God has given to Nigeria both man and materials,” he stated.

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