N-power Saga: The Need For Senate To Intervene urgently.

N-power the empowerment program in Nigerian has been put in place to empower citizens especially the youth,with the high level of unemployment in the country,these programs have help to train and provide youth with the necessary skills to develop themselves.

The main aim of these empowerment programs is to train and provide opportunity to more profitable jobs or empower to start up something for the benefits of the society.

http://N-power Saga: The Need For Senate To Intervene urgently.

The empowerment program is also aimed at lifting people,helping them to something bigger, Before the program commence proper it is advisable for the Minister or Ministry handling these programs to give a clear picture of the proper implementation of the program.

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As in the case of the Federal government special work scheme,The Federal government had put in place a plan for 774,000 youths to carry out special work. Now it is the right of the National Assembly to demand explanations of the recruitment process and the overall implemented of the program.

If the aim of President Mohammed Buhari of setting up the Npower program is to lift the youth out of poverty, it is appropriate for the Senate to intervene.

The Minister and the people working with her should be properly scrutinize, let them explain to the Senate and the whole of Nigerians at large how they are going to properly transit batch A & B, they have succeeded in training 500,000 youths N-power A & B,these one’s have been trained in different fields.

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The next step should be to provide opportunity to be employed into the Government or empower them with a capital of 2millon naira to start up something kind of entrepreneurship of their choice. It is quite obvious sending these youths back to the streets will will make the whole effort and program useless.

Those under the N-health program should be giving certificate of completion if you are letting them go, the certificate will serve as a reference that this person has been trained on a health field and is qualified to be employed on the health sector.

Director of N-power

Those under the N-teach,should also be giving certificate of completion,if you cannot absorb them into our education system,the certificate will testify that the person has been trained to teach and can as well be able to seek employment in a relative field.

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N-POWER benefitciaries

Those under N-Agro should be giving funds to provide technological and institutional development to farming communities in rural areas,and the N-build should as well be giving funds too.

Without these steps being taking and the Senate intervention,

The empowerment program would not fulfills its aim.

What are your thoughts?