N-power exist: An Open Letter To The Nigerian Lawmakers.

I write this to represent the teamed 500,000 N-power batch A and batch B Volunteer workers across the 36 states in Nigeria to thank you all and appreciate your remarkable hardworking job concerning the national development.

The main intent of we writing this is letter is to remind you that we have been disengage from the N-power programme amid pandemic crises. And we want use this opportunity to seek help from you concerning our feature. It is clear that Nigeria is one of the top countries in the world with highest total of unemployment rates but grievously the Ministry Of Humanitarian Affairs , Disaster Management And Social Development, has planed to throw us back into the labour market to congest for looking for another job . 

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As our Representatives in the National House of Assembly you know the current situation of insecurity like armed bandits, kidnappers etc are related to the impact of the large numbers of jobless youth in the country. So why federal government should throw back 500,000 youth in to the labour market ?

This will not help Nigeria to move forward as the pandemic crises has hit our economy so hard. This is the right time for our government to tackle insecurity, Jobless and eliminate corruption in the country.

As we know that you have the power to save five hundreds thousand youth and their families who left their privet sector job joined N-power and worked for over two years in respected places of Primary Of Assignment. You should help us to get a permanent job under the Federal civil Service Commission. If you do this the whole world must appreciate your efforts and God in the seven heaven will assist you in your political career. We hope to hear a good news from you soon.

What are your thoughts?