N-power: Checkout The New Salary Structure For 2020 Applicant’s.


N-power: Checkout The New Salary Structure For 2020 Applicant.

http://N-power: Checkout The New Salary Structure For 2020 Applicants.

The N-power program is a project that is sponsored by the federal government. its sole aim, is to empower her citizens to be financially and skillfully equipped. one bad development trend in the country is unemployment. And to curb this, the Government established the N-power, which is strongly pioneered by the current vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Osinbanjo.

like I stated earlier, the primary function of this programme is to the large amount of unemployed youths in the country. N-power is a platform that creates Jobs and empowers the youth. The registration for the program is currently ongoing, and commenced on the 19th of june 2020. so, if you haven’t applied yet, you are in discretion to do so now. the application procedure is not stressful at all, so don’t bother about that.

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Now, lets delve into the payment structure of the N-power. IN case you get selected, for the program, kindly look at the salary scale that is elucidated below, so that you can have a broad overview of how much you would be paid should you be selected.

In the Overview below, i have divided the salary structure into different categories depending on the programe type that you were enlisted for.

N-power Agro program – 20k- 30k

N-power Health Program 30k- 40k

N-power Teach Programe 28k- 30k

N-power Community Education 10k- 30k

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N-power Tech Program 20k – 40k

N-power Build Program 27k – 30k

this Program by the federal government is something that is worth commending. it is a very good and sustainable approach that can curb the menace of Unemployment in the country. the solution, which we already know today as N-power.

we would like to know what you think about the salary payment scale? what category of N-power scheme you fall under? Is it the N-power tech, bild, creative, community Education, health, Agro? Are you really satisfied with the salary?

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