‘’My Val came to dinner with his wife’’ – Tracy Obonna

OBONNA: Wonders, they say, shall never end. And when you think you have seen just about everything, there’s something always more bizarre in the offing. Or how else would you describe a purportedly single boyfriend showing up for a prearranged dinner with a girlfriend with his wife? This is exactly the experience of US-based Nigerian actress, model, video vixen and TV host, Tracy Obonna on a particular St. Valentine’s night.

Obonna said: “My worst Valentine’s Day experience would be when I was dating this very wealthy man for a few months and I had just gotten off work for the day, so, we had decided to meet up for dinner at one of our favourite restaurants. Well, I got there a few minutes before and took my seat.

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Then can you imagine this man walked in with another woman. Yes and not just any woman – his wife. He introduced us and me as a business colleague. I was so shocked because I had no clue that this man was married.

He had to bring her because they were going somewhere else after our quick dinner. So after the dinner, they asked if I was going to the next spot with them. I was like oh no I have work early tomorrow and I got out of that very awkward situation. Wow, I can’t believe this man had the nerve to bring his wife to our Valentine’s Day date.

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Now when I look back I believe that maybe they wanted me to do something freaky with both of them at the same time, like a threesome but they did not know how to come out and say it. I never called him back after that kind of disrespect. I hope this year I can have a nice sexy Valentine’s Day with lots of chocolates and maybe get flown out again,” she said while speaking to Potpourri on her worst and best St. Valentine’s Day experience.

Tracy, who was in her village, Obizi, Mbaise, Imo State, Nigeria holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration but it seems the allure of the entertainment world got the better of her fine schooling. She’s widely known as the ‘Nigerian bombshell’ on account of her voluptuously curvy figure.

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