My Response To The I.G Of Police Over His National Warning To Political Elements And Nigerians Opposed To Tinubu’s Inauguration On May 29


Wisdom Anyanwu (Mr. Wiz)

Good day Oga I.G of Police, with all due respect and with a great sense of patriotism and responsibility as a progressive Nigerian, I hereby respond to your national warning in view of the inauguration of Sen. Bola Ahmed Tinubu. We have come to a point in our collective existence as long-suffering citizens of Nigeria when we say, thus far and no more!

I watched and listened with dismay, tears and anger as you read a sort of riot act and warning against those perceived as enemies of democracy; those supposedly planning to disrupt the peace and order in the country. It is laughable, preposterous  and provocative for the same people destroying our democracy with flagrant disrepect for the rule of law and the constitution to expect Nigerians to be law-abiding and peace-loving when our democracy and lives are in great danger.  

For your information Sir, no political element or elements as you cited are inciting Nigerians. We can see things for ourselves, we are the direct victims and recipients of the failure of leadership. We are now involved in nationhood like never before because we saw a man worthy of our trust and votes in the person of Mr. Peter Obi.

We have been pushed to the wall countless times by our heartless, avaricious and selfish leaders yet we endure and move on, not because we want to but because we are optimistic that things will get better when the right president is elected. We have been suffering and smiling all these years, working hard and hoping for the best in spite the lack of enabling environment due to bad governance yet we are constantly harrassed, oppressed and brutalized by our security forces, especially the police and army. 

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When a common man steals from an individual, he gets jungle justice or jail term, most times without trials and in horrible prison conditions, many do not get the second chance to right their wrongs. But when a politician steals what belong to millions of people,  he gets invited not arrested, he is kept in comfortable detention facility; the court gives him option to return part of his loot in the form of bail and he is discharged and acquitted. He then move on to higher or another position to steal more. 

Oga I.G of Police, over 50 million Nigerians go to bed daily without food and wake up not knowing where or how their next meal will come from despite their legitmate struggle to make ends meet. But we have politicians with stupendous stolen wealth which even their 5th downline generation will never exhaust. They steal and squander our common wealth with reckless abandon, shameless braggado and audacious impunity.

Oga I.G of Police, I believe your children may not be in Nigeria like that of our politicians-whose children  are abroad attending the best universities and enjoying the best of life where the Government in those climes provided basic social amenities of life, the needed infrastructures, maximum security and enabling environment for human capital development and self actualization. These children of politicians lavish our common wealth abroad yet none of them has made the country proud in any field, in any thing! It is still the children of the common man and ordinary Nigerians that are making the nation proud within and outside yet you frustrate our personal efforts.

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 Our Government always love to reap where they did not sow, they lack the capacity, idea, vision, prudency and character needed to manage our abundant natural and human resources yet will not give way for those who are most qualified to take over because they see power as their birthright and Nigeria as their private  property. 

A drug lord, a man who did not meet the constitutional requirement; who instigated  violence and contrubuted immensely to the violation of the electoral process is about to be the president of my country and you expect us to keep quiet? Fold our arms and watch idly because the matter is in court when it is clear to a toddler what happened during the election? You said we should focus on our local businesses and let go as patriotic citizens. Point of correction Sir, patriotic citizens do not keep quiet when their will to elect the rightful leader is truncated and their voice suppressed. 

You are asking Nigerians to move on so that the culture of corruption and impunity will continue. Sorry to disappoint you sir, we are tired of moving on: nothing is working out, people are suffering and dying, there is hunger,  anger, danger and bitterness in the country. How can there be peace without justice? Even the judiciary- the last hope of the common man is compromised and subject to the whims and caprices of the powers that be. So, where lies the hope of the common man at this juncture if we Tinubu will be inaugurated as president despite the public outcry, both locally and internationally?

Oga I.G of Police, thus far, no more, enough is enough! We are already endangered species, life expectancy in Nigeria gets shorter each passing day.  Read your riot act or warning to those in power, they are the true enemies of democracy. They disobey court order and disrespect the constitution, break the law at will and at every turn yet nothing happens. You don’t issue warning to a people who have been deceived, oppressed, deprived, maimed, brutalized, impoverished and dehumanized for fighting for hope and a better life.

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We are all going to die one day and some how, including those who see themselves as demi gods because they occupy positions of authority.  Oga I.G of Police, I know you are only doing your job as instructed or commanded but posterity will never forget the role each and everyone of us is playing today.  Our elders and fathers who are meant to protect the interest of their children are making the country unbearable and unliveable for them yet all we get is warning and subtle tbreats for demanding a better life. It is well. My consolation is that, there is a God of justice somewhere watching over the activities of men. He has given us a good president in the person of Peter Obi because he has heard our cries and prayers of many years but evil men are doing every thing possible to stop it. 

You are free to order for my arrest or do whatever you like; you are free to label me whatever you like for speaking the truth. I am just a joyless, angry but patriotic Nigerian and the last time I checked, our leaders hate the truth.

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