Lekki Conspiracy:As Army Denial Sanwo-Olu Of Inviting Them For Shooting.

Lekki Conspiracy:As Army Denial Sanwo-Olu Of Inviting Them For Shooting.

By Rowlandgate.

The Nigerian Army has expressed sadness over the denial or Governor Sanwo-Olu who denied inviting the army to the scene, adding that it was also displeased that the Governor said two persons died from the military operation at the tollgate.

The General, who showed footage via some PowerPoint presentations before the panel, described the EndSARS protest, particularly from October 18 as “nothing but violence and lawlessness,” noting that the protest sent the state into a state of total anarchy.


The general mentioned that he believed that inviting the army was the best decision the Governor could have taken when the hoodlums that hijacked the hitherto peaceful protest, began the burning of police stations and looting of firearms and ammunition; killing of policemen, blockage of roads and extortion of money from innocent citizens.

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The General further stated that since the police had been overpowered by the hoodlums, the intervention of the army was proper and justifiable, he further revealed that the Army frowned at Sanwo-Olu’s denial of calling on them.

“These scenes are reminiscent of the Liberian Civil War when the fighters believed that once they consumed human body, they would be fortified, they would be strong.

It was these incidents that made the Governor of Lagos State to ask for military intervention and, in my opinion, that was the correct thing to do since the police had been overrun and policemen were fighting for their own lives.

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“There are two things the Nigerian Army is not happy about, first is his denial that he asked us to intervene.

“I spoke with the governor and said Army was unhappy that he said he did not ask the Army to intervene.

“But I am sure that after you watched everything [the video footages], you saw he had more than enough grounds to ask for Army’s intervention; perhaps it was the way everything went in the afternoon, before 4pm”, he said.

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