IPOB Dares Ohanaeze Youths, Says Kanu won’t Apologise to Nwodo


The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has said the group or its leader, Nnamdi Kanu would not in any way apologize to Chief Nnia Nwodo, President of Ohanaeze Ndigbo or to any other person.

Recall that Kanu called for the stoning of Nwodo over alleged sabotaging of the Biafra struggle, an allegation the Ohanaeze youths in a statement gave IPOB ultimatum to apologize to Nwodo and Ohanaeze.

The younger brother of the IPOB leader, Prince Emmanuel Kanu told newsmen yesterday that although he was not part of the leadership of IPOB, but from his understanding of the pro Biafra group, Kanu apologizing to Nwodo or Ohaneze would be the last thing on its agenda.

“I’m not part of the leadership of IPOB, but from my own picture and understanding, I don’t think IPOB has time for that, they have so many other bigger things to focus on. Ohanaeze youths giving IPOB seven days to apologize is complete hallucination, they are day dreaming, nobody in IPOB will contemplate doing that”.

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The younger Kanu said although his elder brother has recanted and said nobody should stone Nwodo, and as such it is Ohanaeze that should apologize to Nnamdi kanu and IPOB for betraying the Biafra struggle.

In the real sense, Ohanaeze should apologize to Kanu and IPOB for failing them in so many ways because they (Ohanaeze) can no longer be trusted. The hope of every Igbo man is now on IPOB and not on Ohanaeze.

“When we talk of Ohanaeze youths, how many of them are there? Just a handful of people condemning what the entire masses are doing, so, it doesn’t make any sense to us. How can the few override the millions that are involved in this struggle? It’s impossible, it’s a harmless decision they took and it has no effect on IPOB”.

On the decision of Uwazuruike to register Biafra as the 46th member of Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation, UNPO, Kanu said that was nothing as groups like Igbo World Congress were also members of that body.

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“Any group can be a member of that body, so, it’s no big deal, it doesn’t make any sense to us because what we are looking for is outright Biafra. As far as we are concerned, Kanu and IPOB are making genuine efforts to see that Biafra comes through by the end of this year”. Kanu said IPOB can work with Ohanaeze to achieve Biafra, if Ohanaeze leaders do what they are supposed to be doing.

Reacting to the position of IPOB, the deputy national secretary, Ohanaeze youths, Dr. Onyedika Omeke said, “Nnamdi Kanu should apologise to Nnia Nwodo because he (Nwodo) is seen as the father of Igbo people for now and for a young man to say that such a person should be stoned is nothing but a callous statement. And we believe for Kanu to have said such a thing to an elder, nothing short of apology is what is required.

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“IPOB should understand that their position can never be the same with that of Ohanaeze and they should equally understand that we operate a system where everybody is free to achieve his or her own aim and no other person should be seen as a threat to the other. Bearing that in mind, I have not seen where Nwodo is directly opposed to what IPOB is doing, he has rather acted as a father to them and I can’t see the reason Nwodo should be crucified by them because he does not hold political power.

“If IPOB refuses to apologise, we will use every legitimate means to make sure we get what we need from them; we will make sure that whatever their plans not for Biafra but against Nwodo will not be achieved”.

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