Igwe McAnthony’s suspension was just for few months and not indefinite or permanent.

Oxford Advance Dictionary defined “Suspension” as follows, “Suspension most commonly means a stoppage or withholding of something, especially a temporary one”.

Therefore, Suspension for one year connotes that Igwe McAnthony Okonkwo will not enjoy the benefit of his office for one year, eg Salary, Accolades, Paraphernalia of Office etc and does not in anyway mean that he was removed from office.

Moreover, Anambra State Chieftaincy Law envisage suspension as a punitive measure against a stubborn or insubordinate Igwe in other to call him to order and not an act of removal from office.

Remember that before the purported visit to Abuja by the suspended Igwe, two Igwe were already on suspension as a result of other offences, one was punished as a result of the petition from his town members that he was grabbing and annexing their community land.

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Remember also that the suspended Igwe from Otuocha side was dethroned before they were able to crown a new one.

In conclusion, only dethronement will create a vacancy and vacuum and not mere suspension, meaning that there is no vacancy in the stool of Alor kingdom.

Therefore in the eye of the Law, Igwe McAnthony Chinedu Okonkwo(Elibe) (Ezedioranma 111)is still the Igwe of Alor.

The commissioner in charge of Chieftaincy told me yesterday night, that the action of yesterday by Chief Uzoma Igbonwa grout was exercise in futility, moreover, Anambra State government did not even recognized him as the PG of Alor and the constitution of Alor did not empower the PG to declare someone the Igwe elect talk less of crowning the Igwe, it is the duties of the Onowu Alor and Akajiofor Alor.

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The greatest mistake done by the Igbonwa/Ngige group is adopting the title “Ezedioranma 111), does it mean that the certificate given to Igwe McAnthony as Ezedioranma 111 by the Anambra State Government over 5 years ago was not recognized by this group? I believe they have some senior Lawyers among them that supposed to guide them. Anambra State government have been paying the salary of Ezedioranma 111 since over 5 years ago? by crowning their own Ezedioranma 111 yesterday, the 17th day of October 2020, what they are saying is that Anambra State government has been paying a ghost Igwe since over 5 years.

In the case of Olateru Olagbegi, the battle for the kingship of Owo Kingdom, the Supreme Court averred that vacancy to throne will only occur when the occupier of the throne is dead, or insane, or convicted by Court of competent jurisdiction, or is removed from office by way of dethronement by the authorities or government that legally enthroned him, see also the case of Adeniji Adele vs Oyekan.

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Politically, with 2021 at hand, Agu Awka will not commit that type of political suicide by seeding Alor community to APC before the actual election. I rest my case.

Once again, happy Sunday to you all. Hon.Dr Prince Obum Ezeadili DSc DD

What are your thoughts?

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