Igbo song praising God gets this Igbo boy N250,000 from Femi Fani Kayode , others counting

Please listen to this over and over again. It is enchanting. I simply cannot believe that this young boy has such an extraordinary voice and that he is singing such beautiful songs of praise to the Lord.

Does anyone know his name and can anyone trace him? He is singing in Igbo so I assume he is in the south- east.

Once I can confirm his identity and reach his family I will send 250,000 naira to him and pay for his school fees right up until university level. I urge others to help him too. This talented, gifted and blessed child should NOT be hawking and selling things in the streets.

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I wish I knew what state he comes from and who his Governor is. Such talent must not be wasted. For the first time in days I have something to smile and be happy about. Despite his circumstances this boy is still praising God in such a beautiful way.

He has brought tears of joy to my eyes. The Lord is faithful and He will never abandon or forsake this little boy that sings songs of praises to him whilst selling oranges on the street!

(The number of the father has been off for the whole evening. If anyone can reach either of his parents please ask them to call 08148175741)

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What are your thoughts?