Igbo Presidency: Ayo Adebanjo Speaking For Himself – Junaid Mohammed

Junaid Mohammed

Junaid Mohammed, elder statesman and Second Republic federal lawmaker on Monday said Afenifere leader, Chief Ayo Adebanjo is not qualified to dictate to Nigerians which zone should produce the Presidency in 2023.

Junaid Mohammed
Junaid Mohammed

It will be recalled that Adebanjo, in recent interviews has advocated for an Igbo presidency in 2023 saying the country cannot claimed to be united if this is not achieved. Adebanjo said for the sake of the country’s unity, an Igbo person should be made president in 2023.

However, speaking in a chat with newsmen, Junaid said Adebanjo is speaking on his own and not speaking on behalf of Yorubas or other Nigerians.

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He said even if the South is allowed to produce the President in 2023, it must go to the South-West.

“ How can somebody who is over 90 years old will be telling young Nigerians how to vote and who to vote for. During their time, why didn’t they have that system and why didn’t they vote like that?

“Who is denying Igbos the Presidency? Afenifere’s statement is irresponsible and mischief. Which Afenifere are we talking about because there are several factions of them?”
“Ayo Adebanjo has never been elected as the leader of Afenifere so he cannot speak for the group. The leader of Afenifere is Chief Reuben Fasoranti. So, on whose behalf is Ayo Adebanjo speaking? How many times has he won election in his constituency? Who does he represent?”

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“There is another joker they now called the leader of the Yorubas, the successor to Awolowo, Professor Banji Akintoye. Who does he represent? Is he representing the Yoruba race? Have you seen anybody talking about the Yoruba race and they mention the name of Banji Akintoye?”.

“Even if he is the leader of the Yorubas, will he just go and tell the Yorubas vote this or vote that? If you go to a newspaper and publish your pictures, that doesn’t make you a leader of the Yoruba race”.

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