Igbo Governors Are The Real Problem As Funai Killings Continues In Igboland.

Igbo Governors Are The Real Problem As Funai Killings Continues In Igboland.

http://Igbo Governors Are The Real Problem As Funai Killings Continues In Igboland.

Igbo Governors Are The Real Problem As Funai Continues Kills In Igboland.Hausa abata Awka This is the lifeless body of Maduabuchi Ogbuebor, an indigene of Amamkpuma Ukawu in Onicha LGA, was brutally shot severally, allowed to die in the pool of his blood and his motorcycle which he was taking to the mechanic at Amudo in Ezza South LGA early this morning, taken away by suspected Fulani herdsmen this morning. Further inquiries into the cause of the brutal murder of this young man who left a young girl who he just married not time long, has it that the youth of the village approached the herdsmen late last week and informed them that since the Fulani herdsmen cannot control their cattle from destroying their crops, that they should leave the village for another place.

This order didn’t go down well with the Fulanis who approached the village leader and pleaded that they should be allowed to stay but since this decision of informing them to leave was a unanimous decision of the villagers, the elders they met advised them to leave for peace to reign.

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One of the Fulani men that went to the elders was quoted as saying that since they didn’t want to rescind their decision, that they the villagers will hear from them their own way. It was gattered that the Fulanis used the night to move their cows to an unknown destination while the military wing of the herdsmen stayed back till the following morning waiting for whoever that would ply the road early in the morning.

Unfortunately, Maduabuchi was the victim of this atrocious and dastardly act of the Blood sucking Fulani herdsmen. The road that leads to Ukawu from Abomege is not safe as the avoidable fracas between Ishinkwo and Abomege has refused to bury its ugly head. Now, the only road that leads to Ukawu from the Abakaliki-Afikpo road is no go area and caused by the killer Fulani herdsmen.

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We have seen that we are not safe in our own land. We have seen that we are living with monsters who take pleasure in killing humans. They have just used this as a test to know the reaction of our people. They have just tested the microphone with the gruesome murder of a defenceless son of our land without iota of provocation.
The north that produced the president of Nigeria is helpless as their people are killed on daily bases, how much more we the IGBOS but can we leave it this way?
Where is Ukawu Town Union?
Where is the Eze’s cabinet?
Where are our political appointees who are representing us in the current administration?
Can this ugly scenerio unite Ukawu?

Can we see the reason why we should always use our numerical strength to sponsor one of our own into reasonable political position so that when we are challenged, we will have someone that will come out and we will follow him or her and make him a rallying point?

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Igbo governors are the real roblem because they have all failed to act and do the right thing by sending Funai off Igboland as they Conetinues killings In Igboland.
If nothing reasonable is done about this, they will come again and when that happens, they will come in multitude and the result will be disastrous. We have to fearlessly unite as anything short of this will spell doom as government and security agencies may not be readily available to secure our lives and property.
A stitch in time saves nine.

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