How Covid-19 has reshaped marriages, politics and spirituality



By Ebuka Oguocha

The world has been in disarray, and almost every activity has been crippled as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. The virus which has subjected people of all class to dread, has been attached to various negativities, and scaring controversies by different individuals of different areas of life, probably to suit their positions or status.

One of the assertions by many people, which could be considered generally to be true is that; it’s an evidence that the world is coming to an end, as rightly mentioned in some passages of the holy bible.

Also, considering the nature of havoc caused by the pandemic to the world, some claimed it’s a curse from God that even the rich can’t escape. Is the existence of the virus really a curse as believed by many?

Apart from the above claims that Covid19 is a curse, and an end time phenomenon, it has been considered a blessing to a lot of people, as its prevalence has set so many wrongs right in diverse ways.

This mystical truth can be seen from different testimonies by people who prior to the outbreak of the virus had been facing some ugly situations which the emergence of the pandemic has turned around for good.

From the information gathered, majorly through testimonies of some people on how Covid19 has affected their lives positively, one can deduce that it is indeed a blessing in disguise.

To some couples, the lockdown which serves as one of the salient preventive measures to contain the Covid19 virus, has helped them prioritize and focus on their families.

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Mrs. Folashade Johnson, as at the time she was interviewed by a journalist in Lagos testified that, she had known more peace, harmony, and joy in her marriage, and her family also spends quality and uninterrupted time together since the lockdown caused by the pandemic.

Mr. and Mrs. Oluwafarati _ both bankers, said the restriction of movements has made room for memorable moments for them; they pray, eat, study, and play together as a family.

“We turned our dining table into a table tennis board, and took turns playing with the children, we listen and dance to some gospel music.”

“The restriction has saved my marriage from breaking down, Prior to the lockdown I had issues with my husband concerning his movements and womanizing attitude to no avail, we weren’t on speaking terms for weeks, but all that changed, and he apologized for his misdeeds to me and the children,” a business woman testified.

There are also cases of men who had breakoff from their side chicks to rather be with their families knowing that there is no place like home, especially in a time like this.

Secondly, many people in the face of the lockdown have turned to God. They resorted to spending more time in worship and prayer for God’s mercy. This is something many people had difficulty doing probably because of too much commitments to other aspects of life that are considered important.

Mr. Tebiloba Adebayo, an engineer, said the restriction of movement helped to improve his spiritual life with his family. He said he hardly spend time to pray with his family, but now they do daily devotions which is mostly led by the children. He concluded that they also engage other family members in daily online prayers.

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The belief that the pandemic, and its effect on the world, coupled with its relationship with the end time account in the book of revelation in the Bible has triggered fear in the hearts of many people. They consider turning to God as the best option to find strength and succor.

The awareness of Covid19 pandemic has forced people into having time to monitor their health. People for instance in the hours of five in the morning are seen jugging and indulging in other forms of exercises to keep fit and healthy.

Again, making out time for exercises as one of the major ways of healthy living was an impossible activity for a lot to indulge in. A lot of people especially civil servants began their normal daily routine before and around five o’clock early mornings, same time many even left their homes to their various places of work, especially if they had to travel far distances.

But the moment has created the time and opportunity for physical exercises, that it’s now a routine that is considered fun as many get involved in groups to keep the body strong and healthy.

Our leaders are now compelled since the Covid19 outbreak to return home, with no option of traveling outside the country to seek for health solutions or any irrelevances.

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Prior to the outbreak of the dreaded virus, many of our political leaders fly out to other countries at any slightest opportunity for treatment, pleasure or other reasons known to them, even when not necessary at the expense of the country’s wealth.

Complaints by Nigerians on why our leaders had to fly to other countries for medical attention and other reasons rather than embracing the idea of staying home to fix the country to suit that which they seek outside has been a mere statement that had suffered neglect; Therefore, making the country void of standard amenities needed for the betterment of the nation.

Unfortunately, both the leaders and the led seem stuck as we all operate only within the confine of the country, since Covid19 pandemic is also ravaging other countries. This situation has made the masses know the intentions of the leaders towards them in the face of trouble and hardship.

Certainly, the prevalence of corona virus pandemic in its capacity has dealt with the world excruciatingly, with the rise of unfortunate and depressing stories every day; Yet, there is no doubt that it’s blessings are recognized and will be counted even as we anticipate the end of the pandemic soon.

Oguocha is a Corps member Serving in Akwa Ibom state.

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