Governorship ticket not for aspirants with defection record – PDP



The Anambra State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party has said it will not give its November 6 governorship ticket to anybody with defection record.

The deputy chairman of the party in the state, Okey Asolo, who stood in for the chairman, Ndubuisi Nwobu, stated this during a worship conference of statutory delegates summoned by a PDP governorship aspirant, Dr Obiora Okonkwo.

He said its standardbear in the election must be a person with consistent character and a party person.

Asolo who described some of the 16 governorship aspirants in the party as spies, said such fifth columnists would not be given any opportunity because doing so would amount to empowering “future one’s enemies.”

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Asolo said,”We’ll endorse a party man in our primary election; somebody who has love for the party; somebody who has been consistent with our party; somebody who has helped to build the party in the state. Not fair weather political associates. We won’t give our ticket to serial defectors.

“From what we hear about the 16 aspirants contesting the governorship on our party’s platform, some of them are fifth columnists working for our opponents.

“They are into the race to destroy us. We know such aspirants and they can’t get our endorsement, no matter the inducement.

“We have not seen some of such aspirants. It is time to think deep. Let’s not sell our consciences, ” Asolo stated.

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Speaking, Okonkwo begged the delegates to vote for him during the party’s primary election slated for June.

He said,” If you give me ticket, I have the capacity to win the election for our party and even govern the state for eight years for our party. I will be a good shepard. My first key appointments will be from party members.

He said the primary concern of the party now should be winning the November 6 poll and not deluding on zoning of the governorship slot.

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