Government under fire for ‘victimizing’ workers


The Sokoto APC party Chairman, Alhaji Isa Achida

The All Progressive Congress (APC), Sokoto State chapter, has appealed to the state government to curtail alleged political victimization of civil servants in the state.

The Sokoto APC party Chairman, Alhaji Isa Achida

Addressing a press conference in Sokoto, the party Chairman, Alhaji Isa Achida, said that the chapter had been receiving complaints from the state and local government workers on various forms of political victimisation.

He said the victimisation ranged from refusal to be paid their salaries, punitive posting or outright removal from office without any posting.

“Investigation carried out by our party has confirmed that these series of victimisation have to our dismay, actually taken place in many government ministries.

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“This particularly concerns state Ministry of Health, Information, Water Resources and or its agencies as well as the Government House.

“It has similarly taken place in many local government areas of the state. The worst affected departments are local government education authority, health and the administration department,” he said.

Achida added that the resultant loss of morale among civil servants was widespread, including those who are not yet affected.

“This will go a long way in dampening the general morale of civil service in the state. As stakeholders in the overall development of the state, we would like to volunteer some counseling to the government.

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“That no matter the amount you pay a civil servant his motivation and security of tenure will play a more significant role in determining his output,” he added.

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