Five Mandate God Gave Every Woman


Dike Favour Charity

Every woman is called and given 5 unique mandates to carry and fulfill.

The first is a Mandate of Destiny (Rev 4: 11). Every woman has a purpose to fulfill. You are not on earth to exist but to live out your full potential. We all indeed have an assignment but one thing is inevitable; you can never discover yourself until you’ve first discovered God and Self discovery is not possible without God’s discovery. Don’t forget, your purpose is not for you to decide but for you to discover. 

Secondly, Every woman has the Mandate of being a helper. Being a helper doesn’t mean that you’re a slave. It doesn’t make you a competitor or a rival. You shouldn’t try to prove anything to your partner because you two have different make-up. You’re meant to be suitable for the man’s personality and assignment before you can help; You’re a mirror to the man.

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Third, A woman has the Mandate of motherhood ( Exd 2 vs 1). A mother must have a vision. As a mother, you must be intentional in Parenthood ( Prov 31). You don’t need to have a child to be a mother. Start mothering those around you.

Forth is the Mandate of career and business. As a woman, never be idle. Find something to do, be skilful and have value. Have something to bring to the table or rather, become the table yourself. Don’t strive to be a trophy wife. Be the pillar and foundation of man’s success. E get why.

Last, of all, we all have a mandate for society. We owe society too. Some people are waiting for your risings so don’t sit around doing just anything. Stop making those excuses! Don’t forget that we were saved so we can save. Everybody has a story that someone needs to hear to be transformed. Don’t forget that if there’s no mess, there’s no message. 

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