Finally Donald Trump Opens His Own Platform After Facebook, Twitter Ban.

Finally Donald Trump Opens His Own Platform After Facebook, Twitter Ban.

By Rowlandgate.

Early this January, the immediate past President of the United States, Donald Trump, was suspended and banned from the top social media platforms Facebook and Twitter, for alleged incitement and violation of the platform’s rules and regulations regarding speech.

Since the ban, Donald Trump has not posted on any social media platform until today. The social media platform he used is an infamous one, this social media is called Gab.

The United States of America is the greatest advocate of free speech, it is enshrined in the nation’s constitution and considered sacred. But there is a limit to what one can say freely in real-time and on social media.

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Gab speak freely
Donald Trump

It was founded in August 2016 in the United States by Andrew Torba and Ekren Buyukkaya. Unlike Facebook and Twitter which censor speeches, Gab guarantees its users total freedom of speech, the politically incorrect speech that will lead to suspension of users on Twitter and Facebook. According to reports, most of those using Gab are mostly those banned from Twitter and Facebook. They include conservatives and far-right Americans, the majority of whom are Trump supporters.

Trump pix on the Gab logo

According to a 2017 report on Gab by Melanie Ehrenkranz writing for MIC, Gab as a social media space is a ‘magnet for alt-rights and haven for ban Twitter trolls’. She said that the CEO/Founder Andrew Torba when interviewed he said Gab ‘is a free-speech site.

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political incorrectness is a First Amendment right’; he also associate restriction and censorship of speech on Twitter and Facebook as akin to the suppression of free speech, ‘1984 will not happen under our leadership”, he affirmed.

Gab free speech logo

Gab promised total freedom of speech for users (Image: WorldNews Era)

As such, on Gab, one will find the most vicious of hateful and racist posts by Neo-Nazists, white supremacists, antisemites, homophobes and Islamophobes. The extremism of Gab had led to many mainstream digital tech companies cut ties with them.

US internet payment platforms Paypal and Stripe have cut ties with Gab, Google Playstore and iOS have taken off Gab apps from their platforms, and many internet hosting services declined to host Gab sites. But Gab has managed to stay afloat and has some of the world’s hateful people active on it, people who Facebook and Twitter have banned. As of January 2021, Gab has 3.4 million users, with 1.4 following Donald Trump.

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Finally Donald Trump Opens His Own Platform After Facebook, Twitter Ban.

Gab is Donald Trump’s base to launch his return to social media since leaving office. On Gab, messages are call gabs just as messages on Twitter are called tweetsPosts are limited to 300 characters in length. Donald Trump’s first post is to ridicule his impeachment.

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