by Nwokejiezi Chioma Emmanuella

Examination malpractice has become a wide spread disease in our school system. It can be said to be an act of cheating or otherwise breaking the rules of an examination, such as looking at someone else’s paper, bringing unauthorized notes or materials into the exam room, or using electronic devices to access information. Unfortunately this unlawful act has gradually taken over our school system.

To this end, “school na scam” has become a reigning slogan among students. Consequently, they are no longer willing to study hard. They are of the view that the educational system is cheating on them considering the expensive school tuitions, which does not offer opportunity for practical learning. This tendency makes knowledge acquisition very difficult.

What does one say about those students who are under undue pressure for success by their parents and peers and the overwhelming pressure to succeed. Intelligent ones who for various reasons are unable to study adequately for their examinations, are forced to look at someone else’s paper or bring in unauthorized materials, just for fear of failure and being mocked by their peers or scolded by the parents.

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Some students were caught in the examination hall leading to their expulsion, suspension, rustication and even demotion. As a result, several graduates do not understand the use of English. Many students today cannot proudly teach their younger ones. In our communities, we see graduates with second class upper making wrong English sentences instead of correcting bad English speakers.

Exam malpractice has become a cancer eating deep into our system and collective efforts are needed to curb it. We must work to salvage the younger generation, who are becoming more vulnerable by the day. The school system should endeavour to make their semester longer instead of shortening it. A semester which is supposed to last for up to five months or more is being reduced to two months. This does not give students the opportunity to acquire the needed knowledge within the terms which in the immediate affect them in the examination and in life after school.

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The school system should discourage all forms of examination malpractice. The management should give students adequate time for lectures before scheduling examination. During examinations, arrangement should be made for supervision in a manner that gives no room for cheating. The academic staff should rise above the corrupt tendency of sorting and bribery in cash and kind to pass examinations. When students know there are no alternatives to studying hard ahead of examinations, they will leave no stone unturned in their preparations for every examination.

Every lapse on the part of the school management should be addressed to help the students academically, mentally, psychologically and otherwise. The onus to change the unfortunate slogan – “school na scam” lies on the academic institutions, the teachers, the parents, and other stakeholders.


They should work in close collaboration to restore the lost glory of our citadel of learning. Only then will the inscription on the certificate gain validity that the holder has been found worthy both in learning and character.

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