Ekwulobia village begs Obiano over 1 Km road under construction for 15 years


By Odogwu Emeka Odogwu

Agba village Ekwulobia, Aguata local government area, Anambra state yesterday appealed to Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra state to as a matter of urgency order for the completion of the construction of the Isuofia- Agba Ekwulobia- General Hospital-Eke Ekwulobia road which has been under construction in the last 15 years.

Video of protest on bad roads led by Chairman of Agba village, Mr Bethran Uchechukwu Okoli

The villagers with peaceful protest placards unanimously made the appeal to Governor Obiano after its half year general meeting at Agba town Hall Ekwulobia.

Making the stand of the village known, the Chairman of Agba village, Bethran Uchechukwu Okoli flanked by over 500 tax payers of the village said the situation of the road in the last 15 years has made their lives miserable as they were cut off from their kith and kin.

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Photo of protest on bad roads led by Chairman of Agba village, Mr Bethran Uchechukwu Okoli

They begged Obiano to come to their rescue as only him could do that since the road has suffered neglect severally.

‘’The abandoned road is a separator because it has quarantined us and put us in jeopardy. We are saying that Governor Willie Obiano should be kind to us and order for immediate completion of the road awarded 15 years ago, just one kilometre road’’.

The Agba village chairman wondered if the road will continue to be unattended to until next election and the promises should reoccur.

He further informed that the miasma oozing from debris on the road is worrisome and reiterated the need for attention to be given to Agba village as they have been voting APGA in the last 15 years.

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He pointed out that the state government after they raised alarm last 6 months returned to the road site, but has abandoned the work again with flood flushing away the sands filled on the road for construction.

He informed that some portions of the road already have 15 meters deep gully on the them and wondered why the 100 meters distance from the town hall to Eke market could not be easily accessible.

‘’Please Your Excellency, kindly listen to our cries and come to our aid. We are pleading with you to hasten the efforts on that 1 Kilometre road. How can one kilometre of road be constructed for 15 years, yet uncompleted?

‘ The road is killing. Imagine that after sand filling the road, it was left again abandoned and flood has washed the sand away. Please attention should be given to Agba village, host of the Ekwulobia General Hospital ’’.

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Recall that a cross section of Ekwulobia indigenes from Agba village took to the streets seven months ago on a peaceful protest over the dilapidation of the general hospital, Ekwulobia and abandoned Isuofia- Agba Ekwulobia-Eke Ekwulobia road for several years now.

Video of protest on bad roads led by Chairman of Agba village, Mr Bethran Uchechukwu Okoli

The villagers said the general hospital in Agba Ekwulobia is in total mess and bereft of any form of government presence. The borehole there is a source of disease as the water is yellow. They said it has been a total shame to what could be described as a government establishment as most of the structures within the hospital environment numbering over 10 were long dilapidated and abandoned.

But, on this situation z they didn’t talk about the hospital but the road, appealing to Obiano to order for the completion of the construction.

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