Donald Trump:Grant Mr Ike Amnesty As Part Of Your Pro-Black Campaign.

Donald Trump:Grant Mr Ike Amnesty As Part Of Your Pro-Black Campaign.

By Rowlandgate.

Mr Ike Ibeabuchi. Is a heavyweight boxing contender ranked No:2 of the world by the International Boxing Federation (IBF). I held WBC International Heavyweight Championship title and a world heavyweight title mandatory Challenger in 1999. He still hold an unbeaten Pro record of 20 fights, 0 loss and 15 knockouts.

In 1999, he was arrested for alleged attempted sexual assault. He was not found guilty of the alleged felony because he was not given a fair hearing nor being tried. He was drugged to accept an ‘Alford plea’ which denied me the right to be further tried in any court in the United States Of America. From the foregoing, he was unjustly incarcerated and since 1999, he was remained in prison to this very day!
My accuser was a hooker and was severally convicted for prostitution. In 2007 however, he became privy to this hidden information.

He appealed to the Supreme Court of Nevada for a review of my conviction. And legal proceedings were considered by the Supreme court against my prosecutor for my unjust conviction.

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His conviction was overturned in keeping with the order by the court. The Supreme court ordered for my immediate release and clear my penal record. But his prosecutor had been heinously and unlawfully contravening the sacred order handed down by the Supreme court of Nevada.

He used his time in prison very judiciously to acquire several college degrees: a degree in Associate of Applied Science in General Studies in 2005 from Western Nevada College, a degree in Associate of Applied Science in General Business in 2006, a degree in Applied Science in Management in 2007, and a Paralegal certificate from Blackstone Career Institute in Pennsylvania.
On the 28th of February 2014, he was released from prison and turned loose to the Immigration And Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Arizona which is my state of residence.

He was held for another one year while my residency status was being reviewed in the court. He was finally released in November 2015. He thanked God for granting him a second chance! He started training, living a good life and waiting for another opportunity to get back to the ring. In April 2016, he was rearrested for alleged probation violation in respect of an old warrant for my past conviction.

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He did not breach the conditions of his probation upon release in Arizona. He was rearrested and detained for an old warrant related to an undisclosed requirements of past conviction. He couldn’t afford a private lawyer because my assets were still under the ‘Power Of Attorney’ which is in court after his lawyer refused to let me have control of it, and owing to the fact that a sale had transferred my funds and investments from one bank to another. The new bank refused to pay interest He was entitled to, which it received on regular basis from the original bank.

His lawyer sued the new bank and claimed he could relinquish control of his Assets until the court case is resolved.
After being held for two years in detention, without fair judgement and defense, i was again sentenced on the 12th of February 2018 to be released on the 29th of September 2019, and supervised till 25th of March 2020.

He was not released, he is still being held in prison in Arizona. I am appealing to the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, The Governor of Arizona, His Excellency Doug Ducey, the black community in the US, all former and current boxers, promoters, boxing fans and to any interested persons all over the world to advocate for my absolute freedom and ensure that Nevada penal record accept the Supreme Court of Nevada ruling in 2007.

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Donald Trump:Grant Mr Ike Amnesty As Part Of Your Pro-Black Campaign.

He has spent accumulatively 21 years in prison. Mr ike deserves a second chance, he deserve to live, he was not born to grow and die in prison. He deserve justice like every other person who was unjustly incriminated without giving a fair trial in the court of law. It is usually ironical when a happy occasion turns to sorrow in a manner that is bereft of all understanding!

God bless you all for your support!
This Appeal is written by Ike Ibeabuchi’s family members on behalf of Ike Ibeabuchi soliciting for public advocate towards Ike’s absolute freedom.

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