Do You Know How Much Nigerian Governors Earn ? See For Yourself.

Governors and their earning has always been a debate on how much should a governor earn in Nigeria, the actual salaries and allowances approved by the National Assembly for all governor’s across the Nation is not enough to fund the kind of lifestyle the leave.

Today we would be looking at the salary structure of Governor’s in Nigeria.

Let us take a look at the requirements to become a governor in Nigeria

1. You must be a citizen of the state by birth

2. You must be a member of a political party recognized by the independent National electoral commission (INEC)

3. You must be up to 35 years of age

4. You must posses the west African school certificate (WASC) or you may have something equivalent.

In some cases we hear complains that some Nigerian professors earn higher than governor’s but apart from basic salary, the governor is entitled to some huge allowances.

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There has also been an outcry that the salaries of Nigerian governor’s and senators should be reduced due to the financial crisis in the country.

This article would expose the basic salary structure of a governor, their deputies and their commissioners and all other allowances, we would also be taking a look at who earns more between a governor and a senator.

Governor’s basic salary : 2.2 million monthly

Deputy Governor’s Basic salary: 2.1 million monthly

Commissioners: 1.3 million monthly, although the commissioners salary can be decided by the governor and in some states commissioners earn much lesser than this.


The annual average allowance of a governor stands at 11.5 million and the annual leave allowance stands at 222,000.

A state governor is also entitled to 400% of his annual basic salary as vehicle allowance which stands at 8.8 million.

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When a governor is leaving office he is entitled to 6.7 million naira gratuity.

NIGERIAN Governors
http://Do You Know How Much Nigerian Governors Earn ? See For Yourself.

Note that all other expenses of the governor while on seat is sponsored by the state, medical bills, duty tour, feeding and others.


The deputy Governor is given an annual basic salary of 10.7 million and a monthly salary of 2.1 million.

The deputy Governor also gets a vehicle loan of 8.4 million, all accomodations, medical bills and duty your of the deputy Governor us being sponsored by the state.

However the fleet of flashy cars included in a governor’s convoy is much more than the vehicle allowance stated, in some cases the allowance provided is not enough to buy just one the SUV’s in the governors convoy.

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Based on basic salaries we can say that Nigerian senators earn much more than the Nigerian Governor’s, a senator takes in nothing less than 14 million naira monthly for all allowances put together this can’t be compared to a governor’s 2.2 million naira monthly.

Picture of Nigerian Governors.

Recently, former governor of Anambra state Mr. Peter obi revealed that a Nigerian Governor earns much more than a senator, he revealed that what senators earn monthly is just peanut compared to what the governors earn.

According to him all governor’s in the country earn as much allowance as they want according to the economy of their state this may be true because the kind of lifestyle governor’s live cannot be sponsored by 11.5 million naira annual income.

What are your thoughts?