Dilapidated hall of school in Anambra that needs re-roofing


Over the past one week, i had received a save our soul message from the teachers and old boys of Boy’s High school Igboukwu, now renamed Community boys High school Igboukwu.

According to them, the institution, which is now a shadow of itself, is in dire need of infrastructural, as well as academic Development and the major challenges of the school are :

  1. Most of the buildings are dilapidated and are in a very poor State.
  2. The staff offices and classrooms in use are missing either windows or doors hence leading to loss of school properties most of the time.

3.The school lacks fence and gate as the old ones has either fallen down or collapsed.

  1. They lack water and electricity as there is nothing of the sort in the school where students come everyday to learn.
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5.There is insufficient fund to run day to-day activities in the school.

  1. Most of the students are so poor that they cannot afford the required texts for each subject.
  2. The school library is in a very poor state that the few books there is either worn-out or outdated. Based on this information , provided to me, I decided to embark on a fact finding mission to the school in order to get first hand information.

When I reached the school, I paid a courtesy call to the Acting principal, Mrs G. Umeanuka, who gladly showed me around the premises, I equally met with some teachers on ground.

They concurred with the early challenges enumerated above.

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The principal was full of praise to Hon Eche Ezeibe ,the transition chairman of Aguata local government area, who built a corpers Lodge for them, which was Commissioned recently by Prof Kate Omenugha, and Engr Dom Okafor, who built a gigantic water borehole tank for them. She equally thanked Igboukwu Development union, for their interventions in the school, According to her, the Town union, paid for the school fees of all the JSS 1 students this year inorder to boost the population of the school. But right now, the school is like Oliver twist, that needs more attention.

Igboukwu Community boys High school, in the good old days, used to among to be among the best in Aguata, competing with the likes of St Peter’s Secondary school Achina, CRC Amesi and others. The institution, has produced many professionals, in various fields of human eandeavour. But right now, their rating both Academically , and otherwise has waned.

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The Onus lies on the Old boys of
Community boys High school Igboukwu to make it great again. A stitch in time saves nine.

What are your thoughts?

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