DFB decry Plights of Igbos, calls for release of all prisoners of Conscience


By Chukwudum Ebele

The Leader of a new self-determination group, Dominant force for Biafra (DFB)under the leadership of Jesus Field Marshall, King, Prophet, Dr Robinson Ike has raised the alarm over the whereabouts of some Pastors and Priest in Imo state who were reportedly abducted during several raids conducted by the Nigerian Army in Orlu under the watch of Gov Hope Uzondima.

The pro-Biafra leader who lamented the disapperance of the priests since 2021 called on the Imo state and Federal Governments to give account of their whereabouts or be prepared to face the wrath of God who has ordained him as the liberator of the Igbo people whom according to him have been subjected to all manner of intimidation oppression and persecution since the start of the civil war.

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Ike further decried the untold hardship, deprivation, and frustration the Igbos living in the South East and in other regions were undergoing in the name of one Nigeria even as he declared that the time had come for the Igbos to unite in purpose to liberate themselves from the shackles of socio-ecoonomic political slavery in the hands of a Nigerian government that has blatantly refused to purge itself of its deliberate and irritable marginalization of most industrious region in sub saharan Africa.

“There is no federal presence of FG,in terms of Infrastructure ,welfare ,development and federal appointments in the upper echelon of governance ,rather what we have here is a large number of military personel who are supposed to be fighting terrorists in Sambisa ,and in Benue and Plateau States running wild with guns shooting burning, abducting and killing our sons and daughters on our own soil while thousands of people are being slaughtered nationwide by terrorists driven by their radical Islamization agenda.

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“In Lagos state today the Igbo traders are being tactitly targeted by the state government because of their massive support for their illustrious son Peter Obi during the Presidential election ,so their plan now is to weaken their financial base by embarking on senseless demolition of their shops in the major market developed and occupied by Igbos”

“The list is endless ,and that is why Igbos must rise up and take the bull by horn by calling for the release of all prisoners of conscience of Igbo extraction and beyond because of their belief and faith for a Biafran state under his Leadership “

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He added “Where Ojukwu ,Nanamdi KANU,Simon Ekpa has failed ,go and mark it today I will succeed in achieving the Biafra we have all clamoured for.Whatever it takes I will do it ,and nothing will happen to me,I am called the World Mystique Navigator and in no distant time victory will be ours “, said Ike

Ike, who claimed he was divinely anointed to be the King of Igbos further unveiled plans of embarking on a mass sensitization campaign of the agenda of the DFB in Onitsha which according to him is the administrative capital of Biafra

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