Deliberate & Well Orchestrated Destruction Of Biafra/ Igbo Race By The British



Britain must have seen something unique in us that made them want to destroy the Igbo race and other ethnic nationalities in Biafra at all cost. If not, why would they classify certain parts of Igboland as sub-Igbo groups including Ngwa, Opobo, Bonny etc but they never had any sub-Yoruba or sub-Hausa groups? 

Britain then groomed Fulani Janjaweed terrorists to carry on this hatred and they too perfected the art of shrinking Igboland through their evil boundary commission, which has carried on till date. 

You can see from this British map that the creators of Nigeria British colonial masters knew Bonny of Niger-Delta or South South is actually UBANI, as in Ubani-Ibeku where I come. Ohaneze Ndigbo never fought to unite these children of Igbo but were busy collecting money from Abuja and telling us how they are elders and intellectuals. 
Biafra is one, we are all one people. Niger-Delta my foot.

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“It is true and a fact that many riverine people across the breadth and length of Kalabari kingdom have Igbo lineage, I cannot tell another person’s story for them without their permission and l will never allow another person to tell my story either”. AnnKio-Briggs Thursday 28 May 2020, Vanguard newspapers 
Thank you ma’am for publicly acknowledging, especially at this auspicious moment that Ijaw, Opobo, Bonny and the rest of the badly labeled South South/Niger-Delta people HAVE Igbo lineage. 
By lineage it means we are ALL related by blood. This was the point I set out to establish when we started this debate. IPOB and its leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu are grateful for this clarification. Sometimes having a healthy debate is good for us to know what we don’t know. This is how our new Biafra will be where truth will progress. Elohim the Almighty God is using IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to bring one family together again.  

What are your thoughts?

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