Cult Killings in Awka, Concerned Awka Indigenes in 33 Awka Villages petition Anambra police

The Commissioner of Police,
Anambra State Police Command,


The Police Public Relations Officer ( PPRO),
Anambra State Police Command,



BY EZE OBI ( 07039819624), OKONKWO CHUKWUDI ( 08136538042), JAZZY SM(+2349018524934), CHISOM ONWURAJ AND OTHERS AT LARGE

On behalf of our brother, Christopher Onyebuchi ( Eze Imoka) of Amachalla Village Awka , who was gruesomely murdered by gunmen believed to be members of a secret cult called Ayez Confraternity, we write you as below:

  1. On Friday 29th October,2021, in the morning hours, Onyebuchi Christopher while discharging his duty as the Awka Chief Priest ( Eze- Imoka) was shot severally and assassinated by gunmen suspected to be cultists.
  2. That as the deceased Eze Imoka’s family persons were till nursing the sudden demise of Christopher Onyebuchi ( Eze Imoka), behold, the social media platforms were flooded with WhatsApp Chat proofs, adducing that Eze Imoka was gruesomely murdered by cultists who are members of the dreaded secret cult known as Ayez or Black Axe. The said WhatsApp proofs were downloaded from Facebook platforms and attached to this petition for documentary reasons.
  3. According to the reports trending on the social space, the WhatsApp chats were extracted from the cellphone of a suspected member of Amikwo Community Youth Security, Awka, by name Chisom Onwurah( Aka: Baret). The WhatsApp chats were made on different dates ranging from 25th October, 2021, 27th October, 2021, to 29th October, 2021. The WhatsApp voice notes were also made before and shortly after the murder of Eze Imoka by members of Ayez secret cult. Copy of one of the Facebook stories on how Eze Imoka was gruesomely murdered by gunmen is hereby attached for your perusal.
  4. Investigations conducted on the telephone numbers contained in one of the WhatsApp chats using truecaller, revealed that the phone no; 07039819624 is registered with MTN as Eze Obi, 08136538042 is registered as Okonkwo Chukwudi and +2349018524934 as Jazzy S.M. Attached to this petition are the WhatsApp profiles of the suspected cultists.
  5. Nevertheless, Eze Obi in his voice WhatsApp chats with Okonkwo Chukwudi attested that Eze Imoka ( Onyebuchi Christopher ) was gruesomely murdered by their secret cult, the RBC of the Ayez Sec. Eze Obi in his voice note vowed that more people are still going to be killed by their criminal gangs.
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Sir, It is very imperative to note Sir that WhatsApp App cannot operate once the time and date of a cellphone does not correspond with any local time and date of a given country, therefore, the dates and times conveyed by the WhatsApp chat proofs are authentic, therefore, we request for proper and full police investigation into our complaint.
We request that Eze Obi who in his WhatsApp chats with Okonkwo Chukwudi spoke in secrecy but has very important undisclosed information to give on the real identities of those who murdered Eze Imoka should be tracked via his phone line, and his cellphone’s ( WhatsApp chats, call log and text message) alongside his partners in crime,Okonkwo Chukwudi, Jazzy SM and others at large be carefully and thoroughly probed by the police.
We appeal that Eze Obi, Okonkwo Chukwudi, Chisom Onwurah and others who are indicted by police investigation are made to face the full wrath of the law to serve as a lesson to other cultists and the police findings on this case be made public interest of public peace.
We finally appeal that our complaint be detailed to State C.II.D, Awka or the Anti Cultism Squad of the command for proper documentation.

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We shall be relying on your investigations

Mr. Patrick Nwosu

Mr. Ejike Obiorah

What are your thoughts?

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