Covid-19: Evangelist says it is time to harness Africans endowment into best services

Urges West to do more to get the best of Africans
Introduces fresh message on system of Christian operations
Harps on stronger mechanisms of God’s service to humanity
By Toby Chuks

Onitsha based journalist, author and gospel preacher Evangelist Theo Rays Ejikeme has said that time has come for the world to harness the endowments and virtues of Africans into global best practices, so doing to enhance the human capacity in addressing the challenges facing humanity at the present. Speaking at a press conference in Onitsha on the way to address the challenge posed by Covid-19, Ejikeme said that Africans can contribute in finding lasting solution to Covid-19 if their endowments and virtues are recognized and harnessed.

The Evangelist who introduced what he described as fresh Message on system of Christian operations titled Earth Control Service Message (Eco Service Message) harped on the need for people all over the world to seek for stronger mechanisms of God’s services to humanity and also called on the West to kindly do more in finding ways to help get the best of Africans noting that Africans have inherent natural values – resources, gifts and talents that are good enough to enhance the human capacity to address the challenges posed by diseases, climate change and disasters among others but alas, these values are not recognized nor harnessed.

He observed with lamentation that Africans are suffering from war, poverty, hunger, disease. corruption, political and religious oppression, greed and other forms of human wickedness because the people are yet to channel their energy into global best practices such as love for one another, quest for good leadership with credible democracy, quality education, good health care system and corrupt free society citing the people of the Southeast part of Nigeria known as Ndigbo as example of the people suffering from absent of best practices in Africa.

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According to him, poor political leadership and religious hatred and system failure altogether in Nigeria impacting negatively on Ndigbo who are not just so endowed – talented and gifted but also willing to give quality service to the development and progress of Nigeria and the world at large. He lamented further, “so bad that many like Nnamdi believe that Nigeria situation is apparently blocking Ndigbo from unleashing their potentials. The impression of Kanu and others is that Nigeria is like an impediment to Ndigbo because their endowments are neither recognized nor harnessed, that’s why they are agitating for Biafra” he maintained.

The Onitsha based preacher however called for a stronger mechanisms of God’s services to humanity as being advocated through Eco Service Message. “I am introducing Eco Service Message as stronger mechanism of service to humanity and as means of addressing the myriad of challenges facing us in the cities and villages round the world. Eco Service is an exploration of God’s message to mankind as written in Genesis 1;26 -28 In content of Eco Service is a message of a fresh system of Christian operation with a different orientation, inspiration, morality, focus, engagement, dealings, aims and objectives.” he explained

He continued ‘Christianity is not about gathering people to raise money to build worldly structures in the name of Church, it is about God’s services to the world. Christianity is about uniting the goods and services of heaven and earth to bless mankind not about raising money to acquire land and worldly materials. In Matt 28:18 the Bible says that all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Jesus Christ. In Luke 15:7 it is written that there is joy in heaven over a sinner that repented. And in Matt 6:10 Jesus says it shall be done on earth as it is in heaven”

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He explained that top of the bills of Eco Service message is a call to rally prayer for God to intervene in Africa’s affairs and bless the continent with more grace, wisdom and knowledge of stronger leadership as well as stronger institutions. “Shall we pray that God will visit President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria and others in Africa with more grace, more wisdom and knowledge to address the challenges facing the continent. Certainly, we need wisdom, knowledge and understanding of a stronger leadership and stronger institutions to harness the endowments and virtues of Africans into global best practices” he maintained

Going further he declared ‘I am starting the programs to harness the endowment and virtues of Ndigbo and other tribes in Nigeria into global best services right away. Join me to carry out a well articulated program on how to harness the endowment and virtues of Ndigbo such as onatara-chi, odi-be-ndi, akara – aka, nso- ani, Igba-mbo, ike- kete-orie, odogwu and Igwe- bu-ike into fight against sin, ignorant, poverty wickedness and other negative factors militating against developmentt and progress of Ndigbo and Nigeria at large

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Third point according to him is a message to rally prayer for God to intervene in the security situation in Nigeria. “Nigerians seem to be the most vulnerable people under heaven with disasters and killings taking a massive toll on the lives of the people. The situation in Nigeria is a global nightmare and Nigerians have to put more efforts toward drawing the attention of God for security of lives and property in the world most populous black nation. Four is to wage a spiritual warfare against diseases and sicknesses including covid-19. Five is a special prayer focus on barren couples to have babies. Barrenness is a strong challenge among couples and we have to present it to God. Many young women are passing through tough time as a result of barrenness.

In conclusion he said “According to my observation, God has given us all we need to thrive but the problem we have is that we are operating on a low standard. Thus we must raise the standard to catch up with God’s provisions. Here is the standard. I am therefore appealing to political leaders, church leaders and all well meaning public spirited individuals, institutions, NGOs, Civil Societies and community leaders to join me adapt these Eco Service Message.

Online service is available. Send your request via WhatsApp 08093022782 or email: [email protected]

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