Anambra: CLO Appeals to FGN, FERMA, for Solutions to incessant devastating floodings


Anambra State Chairman Civil Liberties Organization,  Vincent Ezekwueme has pleaded with FGN and ANSG to find lasting and permanent solutions  to incessant devastating floodings that destroys farms lands, housings and properties of those living around riverine areas especially Anambra East and West,Ogbaru,Onitsha,Orumba and Aguata Local Governments.

Urgent steps should be taking be relevant governments Agencies to provides with uttermost immediacy and necessity relief materials to ameliorate their pathetic and  pitiable predicament.

Most of are now homeless,jobless most of their children were now out of school due to the floodings that has done horrendous havoc in the areas. Government should declare state of emergency in the areas and marshal out plans towards finding solution to the natural disaster.

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It will be imperative and pertinent for members of National and State Assembly from the areas to raise funds to assist the victims as palliative measures.

Flood ravaged 100 foot road Nnewi
Flood ravaged 100 foot road Nnewi

NEMA and SEMA should embark on educating our citizenry on best way to avoid and averts preponderate floodings due to torrential rainfalls.

I commend. FEMA for their humanitarian services towards 2018 floods victims and ANSG  for the selfless and helping hands to the victims .Public spirited individuals and wealthy should come to the aids of the victims Ezekwueme posited.

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