Clarion call to Ndigbo… A Petition to Ndi South East, mkpakorita Ububo


This is a clarion call for Ndi South-east. I be anyi ekenem unu oooo, mua nu.. Zua nu.. Kacha nu… 

Whosoever said that our own Palmfruit shall not produce gallons of Oil, may his never even Form the Hedge that carries the seed. 

It is only a Daft that will not know and treat his brother with gift of a Visitor.

My old man said “Ekesia na ama, anyi eburu naba na Obi” (After the External appropriation, then it goes back to Clan and Mkpuke).

Today I want to make appeal and create defence for the Oku Ndigbo jelu guta be Ndi Muo, so that it won’t be extinguish na be mmadu. 

For tactical reasons, I may not translate some of the words in Igbo, because I am speaking to Ezigbo Ndigbo and not those born with spotted DNA. 

Indeed it is a clarion call. After all the Igbo saying which provides “ana agwo nsi odoanya, adighi etinye ya ose” (When a cure for cool headedness is prepared, it can’t be laced or mixed with Pepper). 

For the past 40 years we have never being close to the Powers in the center, what they do is to treat us with disdain and disgust, which our elites will smile like A Maid being Fingered by her Master, our Politicians are more concerned on what they will get from the crumbs that not even the dogs from the other divide will jump at, but to us that is wonderful pacification. 

But today, we have faced a grace which will right the generational wrongs or call it the redemption of the age long disgrace. 

Yes, we have a place now as the ICVP  and the greatest thing about it is that we have a man who is absolutely qualified in the true sense, but who makes most people angry because of his ways of life and his spending phobia, but kindly come with me, so that I will dissect, dissolve and discuss, which after that you will agree with me that, it is time anyi ga eji egbe ife di, na nke ife adiro welu naputa Unanwulu Nwa Okuko Oji na akpiri.. 

My Governor Chief Willie Obiano, Akpokue Dike na AGULERI, I know that many things has gone wrong politically between you and Okwute, the position seem to be insolvent, but I can tell you with all sincerity that, God just recreated this opportunity to amend fences. 

I know you may be troubled with the thought of if this man makes it to VP, maybe he will nye gi JI na aja, which is what everybody will do, but I can tell you that, if you give open support to this project, you have nailed OKWUTE to the crucifix with 6 inches nail and tie his hands with Twine. 

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Okwute is the type that cares much about perception of the Masses, he won’t like to irk the masses by undoing you and plus, he is the kind of person na acho ikpuchi Alaigbo na oto which Americans will say “it’s for the greater good”. 

I also will tell you that if you gave him the support which you know that The winning of this election have nothing to do with where SOUTH EAST VOTED, the fight is defined and well placed. 

It is NOTHERN ELITES and masses that will define and design this fight.. losing South East will not play even a Minor role, it can only place People on serious Table and give muscles to prayers that will be said at the Dining Table. 

This is not like SOUTHERN VS Northern..Where Tribal and religious Toga will play the usual dissent music. 

Christian VS Muslim.. Another religious prism, which is the undoing of things everywhere.. 

Which reminds me of the role it plays back home where is it always CATHOLIC VS ANGLICAN and like it or not, it destroys everything we worked for, destroyed our now and Future, makes us to get Ekperima instead of a qualified.

The preachers are more concern on who goes into Power than who goes to Heaven, but I digress.. 

It is not Mid- Awusa VS Fulani.. This is.. 

Fulani VS FULANI.. ife onye ma, ibeya ma ya..


All the APC Governors(Excluding The Dollar Hiding Governor or the Diminutive Pint size one that love to hear cries and agonies of the Just) are solidly behind  Atiku,not PDP PER SAY but because ATIKU has the requisite qualification to wash the faces of the North to show that they have brilliance and that they are not bigots. 

All the Retired Northern Generals knew that with ATIKU this Nation will not disintegrate, and they have a renewed confidence when he took PETER OBI because they knew that with OKWUTE, that restoration is guaranteed and falling is not an option. 

This clarion call must not be neglected because Peter is a Major player here, a factor which will bring the World to our discussion and emendement tables, he has a pedigree that many hate because of his person but Love because of his execution and finesse. 

Dear Akpokue, I know that this decision is choking but there is a time in a man’s life he has to choose between posterity and ritual, sincerely I will suggest you evaluate your position, make friends with the entire IGBO LAND which will become if you show them na NKEA bu Ezigbo nke Ndi Igbo, if by remote Okwute wants to have a pound of your flesh, the wrath and condemnation is what he will contend with and I can tell you that Peter Gregory Obi will not like to be seen as the aggressor… 


The Final clarion call

My Final plea.. I am not your Fan or friend, but I am standing for a better State and Alaigbo so that Posterity will judge us fair, and if my services as a Consultant is needed to amend this or make it happen or make it right, my number is not hidden and I know I can swing it..

Dear GOV Ugwuanyi, Nwokem ma ka esi ahazi things, I greet you. 

Right before now, I see you as the NEXT PETER OBI because of your work and non shouting ways of life, but this VP project makes me to stay uncomfortable.. I know some of your kins may have wanted to blight the light of Okwute or you may have been pissed with the way OKWUTE lays Governance on the Surgery Theater and lay it bare on Media , but I can tell you with all sincerity that this dawn is a time to seperate Men from Boys.

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Maybe other Heavyweight Nuisance in the East may have given you different interpretation but behind whatever they say is personal motive that will put Bacon on thier over filled Breakfast plate and not to protect of build your Political future or create niche for you. 

You have not spoken nor joined the campaign of NATIONAL PDP or Say Presidential campaign and my Dear Friend, I can tell you as the Pen of the gods and I have never written the minds of the gods wrongly before now and won’t start today, come Rain, Sun, Snow or even akpata oyi,, PDP will win the election in grand style, but the question is, do you want to be MINORITY in a Government that you are MAJORITY player ?. 

PDP have been winning ENUGWU right before now, they can still win again but the interpretation of your silence is a bad signal and I can tell you that, it will be a Minus than a Plus.. 

I plead.. Come out swinging and solid behind IGBO VP and I can assure you that you will thank me later..

GOV UMAHI of EBONYI state , I greet you, I have never focused my lenses on your state or affairs, but on minority angle. 

I like what I saw within the new EBONYI state under you, but the Petit antagonizing of OKWUTE is not what I expected from a man whose Tenure is trying to replicate that of Okwute. 

Okwute may have said things that most Governor’s doesn’t like because it put them under the microscope, put them under tension, but I can tell you that he is saying it to give the Nation a wake up call that will prepare us to have a better states, living and future. 

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Clarion call for the South-East
Clarion call for the South-East

As the Chairman of South East Governor’s forum, the onus is on you to gather the rest and see this position that has been elusive for the past 40 years as our departing Egypt the land where we play slaves to moving to our Promise land where we can be seen and addressed as member of the TRIPODIC NATION. 

I plead that you take this Presidential election of PDP as your cross, I bet you that you have nothing to lose but all to gain. 

Abia state GOV Okezie Ikpeazu, di anyi, I do not know which one is your angst but my appeal remains same, this PDP ELECTION is not about PETER OBI ma obu Anambra, nkea bu nkea anyi bu Ndigbo. 

This is a time for us to readdress the 5% marginalisation Crusade carried against us, this is time for us to stand in tandem and let the world to see us as a bunch of united brothers that can hold the World to glorified elation.

We have no other place but Alaigbo and our allegiance should be unanimous, the crusaders of Oka ayaba Ndi Anambra are the doom sayers that prefer we stay in Bondage everlasting, the question should be, idinyere anyi ka idinyere Ndi na achu anyi ogbugbu? . 

I Plead and pray that you give this  PRESIDENTIAL campaign of ATIKULATE OBIEDIENCE a boost that will make Abia to stand out as Oka ibe, also this fight shall be seen as okanga Igba nkea anyi ana..

GOV ROCHAS OKOROCHA of IMO STATE, as you can see, onwero ife mmadu melu nwa enyiya Nwanyi ka okpo ya have paid the APC price, played the APC Flute and they have shown you spite and hate, is it not time you show them that you also can dance?. 

Currently they have no regard for your contribution into making APC to have a stake in the East, if they can do that when they knew they will ask of your help in relection, what do you think they will do to you after they get back?

I believe it is time for you to come Back home in NZOGBU NZOGBU FASHION and that will rebuild your world, stand gidigbam with this Our IGBO PROJECT as this is the real.. NKEA BU NKE ANYI…

Finally to Ndigbo in General, let me conclude with the words of the ICONIC LEGEND, CHUKWU EMEKA ODUMEGWU OJUKWU, IKENGA NDIGBO, IKEMBA GBURUGBURU when he said and quote “Better to be a Player in the Field, than Chairman of Supporters outside the field”.

Power is taking not given, if they promise you they will give you power in 2023 , ask them, what did they promise THE MAN WHO OWNS LAGOS and most State in the West who they call JAGABAN.

if they can promise Change and give us Chain, how on earth do you think that promises made during BEDMATIC can be settled ma arituo after the deal?

Ndigbo, be wise, forget PETER OBI and his way, just focus on this as IGBO PROJECT and restitution that will bring back smile to our wrinkle faces

Report by Mazi Odera Pogs

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